Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House at Epworth in Lincolnshire: Letter I


January 12, 1716-17.

Dear Sam,

This evening we were agreeably surprised with your pacquet, which brought the welcome news of your being alive, after we had been in the greatest panic imaginable, almost a month, thinking either you was dead, or one of your brothers by some misfortune been killed.

The reason of our fears is as follows. On the first of December our maid heard, at the door of the dining-room, several dismal groans, like a person in extremes, at the point of death. We gave little heed to her relation, and endeavoured to laugh her out of her fears. Some nights (two or three) after, several of the family heard a strange knocking in divers places, usually three or four knocks at a time, and then stayed a little. This continued every night for a fortnight; sometimes it was in the garret, but most commonly in the nursery, or green chamber. We all heard it but your father, and I was not willing he should be informed of it, lest he should fancy it was against his own death, which, indeed, we all apprehended. But when it began to be troublesome, both day and night, that few or none of the family durst be alone, I resolved to tell him of it, being minded he should speak to it. At first he would not believe but somebody did it to alarm us; but the night after, as soon as he was in bed, it knocked loudly nine times, just by his bedside. He rose, and went to see if he could find out what it was, but could see nothing. Afterwards he heard it as the rest.

One night it made such a noise in the room over our heads, as if several people were walking, then run up and down stairs, and was so outrageous that we thought the children would be frighted, so your father and I rose and went down in the dark to light a candle. Just as we came to the bottom of the broad stairs, having hold of each other, on my side there seemed as if somebody had emptied a bag of money at my feet; and on his, as if all the bottles under the stairs (which were many) had been dashed in a thousand pieces. We passed through the hall into the kitchen, and got the candle and went to see the children, whom we found asleep.

The next night your father would get Mr. Hoole to be at our house, and we all sat together till one or two o'clock in the morning, and heard the knocking as usual. Sometimes it would make a noise like the winding up of a jack, at other times, as that night Mr. Hoole was with us, like a carpenter planing deals; but most commonly it knocked thrice and stopped, and then thrice again, and so many hours together. We persuaded your father to speak and try if any voice would be heard. One night about six o'clock he went into the nursery in the dark, and at first heard several deep groans, then knocking. He adjured it to speak if it had power and tell him why it troubled his house, but no voice was heard, but it knocked thrice aloud. Then be questioned if it were Sammy, and bid it, if it were and could not speak, knock again, but it knocked no more that night, which made us hope it was not against your death.

Thus it continued till the 26th of December, when it loudly knocked (as your father used to do at the gate) in the nursery and departed. We have various conjectures what this may mean. For my own part, I fear nothing now you are safe at London hitherto, and I hope God will still preserve you. Though sometimes I am inclined to think my brother is dead. Let me know your thoughts on it.

S. W.

To Be Continued Soon!


Great Welsh Hauntings

Click on the title and visit the Haunted Lantern Room of Plas Mawr, the Spooky Rooms of Nanteos Mansion, and the Ghost of the Raglan Castle Library.

Image Source


Eight Haunted Castles to Visit in Scotland

A spooky tour of the Haunted Castles of Scotland, featuring Glamis Castle, Mylady Greensleeves, the Living Legend of Braemar, Borthwick Castle's Red Room, the Culloden Ghosts, the Drummer of Cortachy and the Phantom Piper of Culzean Castle, and Bad Lord Soulis and Robin Redcap in the Hermitage:

Eight Haunted Castles to Visit in Scotland

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The Necronomicon, or: The Book of Dead Names

The Necromomicon, or “The Book of Dead Names”, was originally called “Al Azif”, an Arabic word meaning “nocturnal sound, howling of demons”. The book was written by the half-crazed Arab Abdul Alhazred, who visited the ruins of Babylon and the subterranean secrets of Memphis, and who worshipped demons like Yog-Sothoth and Cthulhu. He died suddenly and in a mysterious way in 738. In 950, “The Book of Dead Names” was translated into Greek by Theodorus Philetas. This version impelled some experimenters to terrible invocations, before being suppressed and burnt in 1050 by the patriarch Michael, who died in 1059. The Necronomicon was translated into Latin by Olaus Wormius and into English by the magician John Dee (1527-1609).

In the 20th century, the Necronomicon was often listed for sale in book store newsletters or entries in library card catalogues. Horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft stated that The Widener Library at Harvard had a copy, and the catalog entry indeed asked potential readers “to inquire at desk”. The university library of Tromsø, Norway, also has a copy, published in 1994, but this document is listed as “unavailable”.

Now, the truth is that the Necronomicon is an entirely fictional book, invented by Howard Phillips Lovecraft, first mentioned in a short story written in 1922, and inspiring a lot of colleague horror and fantasy writers. But until today, many readers believe it to be a real work.

Booksellers and librarians still receive many requests for it, also because pranksters have listed the Necronomicon in rare book catalogues, or smuggled a card for it into, for example, the Yale University Library. The thin line between fact and fiction got totally blurred in the late 1970s when a book that was supposed to be a new translation of the real Necronomicon was published and sold 800,000 copies. According to the blurb, it was “the most dangerous Black Book known to the Western World”.

You can find some photographical evidence too, about the Necronomicon and/or the Cthulhu Mythos. This Cthulhu Cult Mystery Object , for instance, was recently found in the desert. And here is some Ghost Photography concerning a scientific meeting on the Innsmouth Incident, described by H.P. Lovecraft.

Listen here to a Necronomicon Horror Soundschape or a horror Audio Drama based upon a story by H.P. Lovecraft: Burn the Witch, Elizabeth Selwyn !

Content Source: The Necronomicon, or: The Book of Dead Names - Bukisa.com


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Listen here to May Colven, a folk song about a medieval serial killer

False Sir John a wooing came
To a maid of beauty fair;
May Colven was this lady's name,
Her father's only heir.

He went down to her father's bower,
Where all the steeds did stand,
And he's taken one of the best steeds
That was in her father's land.

He's got on and she's got on,
As fast as they could flee,
Until they came to a lonesome part,
A rock by the side of the sea.

"Loup off the steed," says false Sir John,
"Your bridal bed you see;
For I have drowned seven young ladies,
The eighth one you shall be.

"Cast off, cast off, my May Colven,
All and your silken gown,
For it's oer good and oer costly
To rot in the salt sea foam.”

"O turn you about, O false Sir John,
And look to the leaf of the tree,
For it never became a gentleman
A naked woman to see."

He turned himself straight round about,
To look to the leaf of the tree,
So swift as May Colven was
To throw him in the sea.

"O help, O help, my May Colven,
O help, or else I'll drown;
I'll take you home to your father's bower,
And set you down safe and sound."

"No help, no help, O false Sir John,
No help, nor pity thee;
Tho' seven kings' daughters you have drownd,
But the eighth shall not be me."


Do you see the ghosts?

Click on the title and tell us if you see them also? I mean, ALL of the ghosts at the International Seminar on the Innsmouth Incident (University of Rhode Island, 1933)?

Cthulhu Cult Mystery Object Found in the Desert!

Click on the title to see the recently discovered Mystery Object in the desert! Any idea what this could be? Scholars think it has something to do with the Terrible Cult of Cthulhu that for the first time was described by the horror writer H.P. Lovecraft. But what do you think?


The Hubpages Awards 2008

This is JimmytheJock Speaking:

The Hubpages Award Nominations

The Hubpages authors are partly responsible for the overall success of hubpages and although we do get paid for our efforts, I thought that some special recognition for the authors who add to the success of Hubpages therefore I introduce to you The First Annual Hubbie Awards. I am Currently in negotiations with members of the hubpages team to provide a small prize for the winners, even if it is just a certificate of achievement.

Nominations and Categories

There are 8 categories in the Hubbie Awards and Nominations will close at 12 Midnight (British) on the 30th of November 2008, After that date the Five finalists in each category will be published and you can vote for your favorite in each category, the closing date for the voting stage is the 15th of December 2008 at 12 midnight(British) and the winners will be announced the next day.

Click on the title to go nominating & voting!


The Magical Writer's Mystery Tour

Was E.A. Poe the murderer of Marie Rogêt, did Arthur Machen create some real angels or has Christopher Marlowe written all Shakespeare's plays, including his cursed play Macbeth?

The start of your Little Magical Writer’s Mystery Tour is here !


  1. The Curse Of Macbeth
  2. Was Marie Rogêt murdered by E.A. Poe?

  3. Do you have a copy of The Necronomicon for me?

  4. The Angels of Mons, created by Arthur Machen

  5. Gustav Meyrinck and the Golem

  6. The Disappearance of François Villon

  7. William Shakespeare's Ghostwriter: Christopher Marlowe

The Greatest Obama Is AntiChrist LOL of the Year Contest

Can We Debunk All These Obama = AntiChrist Nonsense? Yes We Can!

No Hate Rants here, folks! Just tell us which are the Most Ridiculous so-called "arguments" you ever heard of, to "unmask" Barack Hussein Obama as being the AntiChrist. Or even better: just tell us where the fiction is and which "facts" were falsified (and turned into fiction).

Please Nominate Your Candidate! Please Vote! You can even win a Priceless Price! Can you? Yes you can do it... here!


Dear Mister AntiChrist!

This message is an answer to your article Is Barack Hussein Obama the Antichrist of the End Time?

Let me start with a quote of yours:

"For many deceivers have gone out into the world who do not confess Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is a deceiver and an Antichrist." (2 Jn. 7)

I really do think you are a Great Deceiver. So should I say: Dear Mister AntiKrist?

If you are interested in my message, click on the title!


What faith should we place in predictions of Nostradamus, concerning a black president and the end of the world in 2012?

The answer is: none! But nevertheless, there are circulating on the internet some really idiot but also possibly dangerous rumours, featuring some so-called "Nostradamus prophecies", the coming of the AntiChrist and the End of the World in 2012. The theories are extremely idiot, but they get extremely dangerous too when you think of the lunatics who might be taking action, just because of that sort of rumours, that are widely believed by Conspiracy Theorists and their followers, and they are promoted through a wide range of White Power websites. So, I thought, some debunking was needed... and got the producer of the video all over me. The whole story is here:

About Nostradamus, Obama and the AntiChrist


Quiz: A Matter of Horror!

How much time do you need to answer these questions? (The answer is in the links!)
  1. 'The Inssmouth Incident' plays an important role in the Cthulhu Mythos, invented by the horror writer Gustav Meyrinck, Howard Phillips Lovecraft or Edgar Allan Poe. ....
  2. A famous quote of 'The Night of the Living Dead',a 1968 classic horror movie by George A. Romero, was: 'They are comingto eat you, honey!' or 'They are coming to get you, Barbara!' or 'I amcoming to eat you, sugar!' ....
  3. 'Double,Double, Toile and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble!' is a quotefrom a story written by Howard Phillips Lovecraft about the witch Elizabeth Selwyn (in 1960 turned into the movie City of the Dead/Horror Hotel) or it is a quote from a Frankenstein tale, or it is a quote from the cursed Shakespeare play 'Macbeth'. ....
  4. In his story 'The Mystery of Marie Rogêt', Edgar Allan Poe insinuated that a French girl got killed because of a premature burial, or that she was murdered by the dark poet Charles Baudelaire, or that she was murdered by an unknown sailor (who was his alter ego, as Marie Rogêt was the alter ego of a girl murdered in New York).....
  5. 'Nadesawo' is the name of a sadistic Roman emperor,  the title of an enchanted chant by Nando or the 'personal demon' of Elizabeth Selwyn. ....
  6. The name of the composer of 'Vampire Thoughts' is Nando, Harry Hurror or Patrick Bernauw.....
  7. The author of 'The Bowmen' was Patrick Bernauw, Arthur Machen or Gustav Meyrink.


Riddle # 1: The Riddle of the King, the Abbot and the Joker

How a King gave three riddles to an Abbot and how the Abbot was saved by the Joker.

Once upon a time, when a King was hitting the road, he came along a monastery where he saw a placard with this message: “Don't Worry! Be Happy! And do it here, please!”

The King could not believe his eyes. He always had a head full of worry, why would this not be the same for the fathers of the monastery? So, the King said he wanted to speak to the Abbot, and when the Abbot appeared, the King told him why he could not be very amused with the message on the placard.

“But it is true!” the Abbot said. “We all live here without any worries!”

“True or not,” the King said, "we will not tolerate this! You need to have a head full of worries, like we do! That's why we will give you three riddles… And we want to hear your answers… tomorrow morning!”

The King asked the Abbot these three questions:

1. How deep is the sea?
2. How much dog tails do you need to measure the distance from here to the sun?
3. What will we think about at the time when your third answer is required?

The Answers are here !

The Curse of William Shakespeare's Scottish Play "Macbeth"

Apparently, the story that Macbeth was cursed sprang up on its opening night in 1606. The actor who was playing Lady Macbeth became mysteriously ill and Shakespeare himself had to step into his shoes... All because of a genuine black magic incantation by the Three Witches: Double Double Toile and Trouble, Fire Burn and Cauldron Bubble!

Read the whole story here!


Nostradamus, the Black President and the End of the World in 2012

There are circulating on the worldwide web some really idiot but also possibly dangerous rumours, featuring Nostradamus, Barack Obama, Antichrist III and the End of the World in 2012... Nostradamus strikes again!... Some debunking was needed, so read the whole story here !


Click here for a Free Audio Drama Compilation of George A. Romero's Classic Horror Movie "The Night of the Living Dead"

Free download of the movie about the strangers hold up in a rural Pennsylvania farmhouse and how they have to battle constant attacks from dead locals who have been brought back to life by
mysterious radiation: here! Or watch the movie here:

Free Horror Audio Drama "Burn the Witch, Elizabeth Selwyn"

Listen here to the Free Horror Audio Drama 'Burn the Witch, Elizabeth Selwyn' - part one.

Listen here to the Free Horror Audio Drama 'Burn the Witch, Elizabeth Selwyn' - part two.


Filmed at Shepperton Studios on a sparse budget, George Baxt scripted the extraordinarily atmospheric chiller 'The City of the Dead/Horror Hotel' from a Lovecraftian story. The mixture of ancient ritual and witchcraft superstition set in the US effortlessly entwined with contemporary life: Download here for free!

Synopsis 'The City of the Dead / Horror Hotel':

In 1692 witch hunting and persecution is at its terrifying height. In the small town of Whitewood, Massachusetts, Elizabeth Selwyn is accused of being a witch in league with the devil. She is put to the stake and burned alive, whilst her accomplice and lover Jethro stands among the Puritans impassively watching proceedings. As the flames engulf Selwyn’s body, her tortured soul calls upon the devil to curse the town and rain terror and death on the villagers who persecuted her.

Hundreds of years later, sinister history Professor Driscoll (Christopher Lee) recommends his Massachusetts hometown of Whitewood as a suitable place for the headstrong college student Nan Barlow (Venetia Stevenson) to research her term paper on the occult. Full of enthusiasm she checks into the creepy Ravens Inn Hotel which, unbeknown to Nan is located on the exact spot that the burnings took place many years before. The inn owner, Mrs. Newlis (Patricia Jessel) is in fact the reincarnated 268-year old witch Elizabeth Selwyn - Selwyn sold her soul to the Devil in order to return as the undead after being burned at the stake. The fog-engulfed town is her modern coven held in the grip of sacrificial terror, with the only exceptions being blind Reverend Russell (Norman MacCowan) and his granddaughter Patricia (Betta St. John).

Nan Barlow unfortunately arrives in the rundown town on Candlemass Eve, the annual human sacrifice, and when she fails to return from her visit, Nan’s brother Richard travels to the town trapped in time to search for her. Bookstore owner Patricia Russell helps him in trying to find out what happened, and together they discover satanic sacrifices and all sorts of evil goings-on.


Silly Willy's Really Great Insurance Fraud Business Plan

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Hard Boiled Harry's Great Fine Arts Quiz

Do you know my good friend Silly Willy?

Do you know my good friend Silly Willy?

One day, when he really was pissed off...

He found, perfectly by accident, in an abandoned house some real fine pieces of fine arts...

He found, perfectly by accident, in an abandoned house, some real fine pieces of fine arts...

Now, the question is...

Who are these guys and dolls? And what are they worth? We don't have any idea of the century they were made in, or the country. Maybe they were all made in China!... Or in Taiwan!

So, can you tell us how much money Willy and me can make of this pieces of fine arts? Are they a good investment in these hard financial times? Are they real antiques? Or reliques? As in an Indiana Jones Movie? (But then, they are not cursed, I hope!)

They say everyone is an expert, today. So, Willy and me want to find out if that's true. I've made up this little Great Fine Arts Quiz, 'cause maybe you - yeah, U2! - can help us... Tell us what we need to know so badly...

and do it here ! ($)

($) Because size matters.


You don't want to commit an Imperfect Murder, do you?

Click the title to find these Three Not So Perfect Murders you don't wanna commit:

Imperfect Murder # 1: Don't go Upside-Down!

Imperfect Murder # 2: Complete your Plumbing!

Imperfect Murder # 3: Check the Weather Report!

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Hard Boiled Harry & His Company will put your Money in Safety!

Did you felt yet the crunch on your wallet, because of the financial crisis that is going on? It's something like the Crash of Wall Street in 1929, but experts say it's an even more Bigger Bang, to say it with the Stones. Several banks and financial institutions have gone down. Market analysts and professional bank robbers are set into a real panic mode.

Okay, government has taken some action, with President George W. Bush signing the Emergency Stabilization Act, more commonly known as the Bailout Bill. But will the Bill do enough to save your savings and investments?

And here, ladies and gents, Hard Boiled Harry comes into the picture... Read all about the way Hard Boiled Harry will save your savings, together with his partners-in-crime Silly Willy and Big Dick, at:

This is Big Dick. To the ladies, he likes to introduce himself.
More Hard Boiled Harry:


Click here for another Halloween Top 13!

Blogger has some great applications or gadgets you can use on your website, MySpace page etcetera. It's easy, it's free and it's fun!... So, here is a very personal Halloween Top Thirteen!

1./ Halloween Countdown, made by Mysterial, the website of a community of people and organisations with shared interests in many area's of the unexplained, weird, mysterious and the paranormal. This website is a free facility which allows like-minded individuals and groups the opportunity to discuss and debate their respective ideas and observations.

2./ Put a Jack 'O Lantern on Your Homepage For Halloween!

3./ Carve a Pumpkin!... Lots of great Jack ‘O Lantern Ideas!... Halloween is almost here and it is time to carve a pumpkin! Get lots of great Jack ‘O Lantern ideas. Here are some of the best carved pumpkin faces around... Scary, funny, silly, creative... you will love them all!

4./ Behind the Screams: Halloween Horror Nights Videos from the NBC Universal Studios Hollywood... For the first time ever, Freddy Krueger is loose on the Backlot, and there's no escaping him. Face him on the all-new Nightmare on the Backlot, where Freddy will chase you through a never-ending web of terror. Then, revisit Freddy in his own, all-new Nightmare on Elm Street maze. If you're lucky enough to survive it, you'll be ready to take on Leatherface and Jason, each in their own horrific mazes. Plus, come face to face with "The Strangers" from Universal's hit horror film in an all-new House of Horrors maze.

You'll also experience new scare zones, new shows, and our most popular attraction, The Simpsons Ride. This October, Halloween Horror Nights isn't just terrifying. It's your worst nightmare...come true!

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9./ Skull Clock Widget.

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11./ FrightCatalog.com is a Halloween Decorations, Halloween Props, Halloween Masks, and Halloween Costumes Superstore! They have the widest selection of the scariest Halloween goodies you'll need to make your Halloween Party one to remember. If you're looking for Halloween Decorations, Accessories or Props to haunt your house for Halloween, or if you are searching a Scary Costume or Mask for any occasion, you've found the right place to shop!

12./ Out of Halloween Shooting Game.

13./ Eerie Ghost.


Click here for the Free Online Mystery City Game & Quiz

You can play the game with one, two three or more individual players, or in a team building concept with your ‘task force' against one or more ‘task forces'. The only things you need are, for each team or player, a printout of this Hub and a pc or laptop with internet connection.

First, let the players or teams study the printouts for about 5 minutes. Then, allow them to do the research on the world wide web. They will need it!... Who is the first to fill in all the blanks?... Or if you play the game with a deadline: who has the highest score?

We have several fine questions waiting to be answered. You can earn points with each right answer. And there are three main questions too:

Where is Hilaire de Saint-Médard? Give us the name of a city and get 25 points!

What is the profession of Hilaire de Saint-Médard? Get 25 points with one right answer, divided in two words of 7 and 3 letters!

Hilaire de Saint-Médard once was the stand-in of a famous man. Get 25 points with his French name, consisting of 8 letters!

Now, follow the footsteps of these two guy's and one doll... They guy in the brown jacket is definitely missing something. What is he missing? Fill in the blanks with a 10 letter word and get 10 points: http://www.picable.com/Concepts/Humor/__________.276303


The Mystery of Marie Roget, Murdered by Edgar Allan Poe

Was Edgar Allan Poe not only a brilliant author, but also a demonic killer who wrote The Mystery of Marie Roget, to boast about the crime he committed?

Read all about it here: The Mystery of Marie Roget, Murdered by Edgar Allan Poe

The Mystery of Marie Roget, Trailer of the Classic Horror Mystery (1942)

The Song of Marie Roget


Nostradamus and the Lost Treasure of the Bourbons, a free online treasure hunt:


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You're a click away from the roadbook SPIRITS OF BRUGES

Some say that the Holy Grail was lost in a haunted house somewhere in the heart of the medieval city of Bruges (in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium). We have called in the help of a medium, the druid Triskell Gladdagh, to locate this mystery mansion. During a number of seances with the ouija board, our medium has made contact with the spirit world and has received some orders and coded messages.

Go now on a holy treasure hunt! Will you succeed in locating the haunted house and the lost treasure? You need one copy of the roadbook per person or team. With your team you have to perform a number of tasks, and above all... you have to locate the haunted house where once the Holy Grail - or the Holy Blood - was lost... Who will be the first to find the lost treasure?

THE SPIRITS OF BRUGES is a mystery game, a true crime story, a treasure hunt in the wonderful medieval city of Bruges!