You're a click away from the roadbook SPIRITS OF BRUGES

Some say that the Holy Grail was lost in a haunted house somewhere in the heart of the medieval city of Bruges (in the Dutch speaking part of Belgium). We have called in the help of a medium, the druid Triskell Gladdagh, to locate this mystery mansion. During a number of seances with the ouija board, our medium has made contact with the spirit world and has received some orders and coded messages.

Go now on a holy treasure hunt! Will you succeed in locating the haunted house and the lost treasure? You need one copy of the roadbook per person or team. With your team you have to perform a number of tasks, and above all... you have to locate the haunted house where once the Holy Grail - or the Holy Blood - was lost... Who will be the first to find the lost treasure?

THE SPIRITS OF BRUGES is a mystery game, a true crime story, a treasure hunt in the wonderful medieval city of Bruges!