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You can play the game with one, two three or more individual players, or in a team building concept with your ‘task force' against one or more ‘task forces'. The only things you need are, for each team or player, a printout of this Hub and a pc or laptop with internet connection.

First, let the players or teams study the printouts for about 5 minutes. Then, allow them to do the research on the world wide web. They will need it!... Who is the first to fill in all the blanks?... Or if you play the game with a deadline: who has the highest score?

We have several fine questions waiting to be answered. You can earn points with each right answer. And there are three main questions too:

Where is Hilaire de Saint-Médard? Give us the name of a city and get 25 points!

What is the profession of Hilaire de Saint-Médard? Get 25 points with one right answer, divided in two words of 7 and 3 letters!

Hilaire de Saint-Médard once was the stand-in of a famous man. Get 25 points with his French name, consisting of 8 letters!

Now, follow the footsteps of these two guy's and one doll... They guy in the brown jacket is definitely missing something. What is he missing? Fill in the blanks with a 10 letter word and get 10 points: http://www.picable.com/Concepts/Humor/__________.276303


The Mystery of Marie Roget, Murdered by Edgar Allan Poe

Was Edgar Allan Poe not only a brilliant author, but also a demonic killer who wrote The Mystery of Marie Roget, to boast about the crime he committed?

Read all about it here: The Mystery of Marie Roget, Murdered by Edgar Allan Poe

The Mystery of Marie Roget, Trailer of the Classic Horror Mystery (1942)

The Song of Marie Roget