Silly Willy's Really Great Insurance Fraud Business Plan

Here is Silly Willy again

with really good professional advice

if you are considering

an Insurance Fraud Business.

And remember...

Don't ask what Silly Willy can do for you,

ask what you can do for Silly Willy

in order to get your valuable pieces of art



Hard Boiled Harry's Great Fine Arts Quiz

Do you know my good friend Silly Willy?

Do you know my good friend Silly Willy?

One day, when he really was pissed off...

He found, perfectly by accident, in an abandoned house some real fine pieces of fine arts...

He found, perfectly by accident, in an abandoned house, some real fine pieces of fine arts...

Now, the question is...

Who are these guys and dolls? And what are they worth? We don't have any idea of the century they were made in, or the country. Maybe they were all made in China!... Or in Taiwan!

So, can you tell us how much money Willy and me can make of this pieces of fine arts? Are they a good investment in these hard financial times? Are they real antiques? Or reliques? As in an Indiana Jones Movie? (But then, they are not cursed, I hope!)

They say everyone is an expert, today. So, Willy and me want to find out if that's true. I've made up this little Great Fine Arts Quiz, 'cause maybe you - yeah, U2! - can help us... Tell us what we need to know so badly...

and do it here ! ($)

($) Because size matters.


You don't want to commit an Imperfect Murder, do you?

Click the title to find these Three Not So Perfect Murders you don't wanna commit:

Imperfect Murder # 1: Don't go Upside-Down!

Imperfect Murder # 2: Complete your Plumbing!

Imperfect Murder # 3: Check the Weather Report!

So, don't be Silly, ask Willy to get a dirty job done!


Hard Boiled Harry & His Company will put your Money in Safety!

Did you felt yet the crunch on your wallet, because of the financial crisis that is going on? It's something like the Crash of Wall Street in 1929, but experts say it's an even more Bigger Bang, to say it with the Stones. Several banks and financial institutions have gone down. Market analysts and professional bank robbers are set into a real panic mode.

Okay, government has taken some action, with President George W. Bush signing the Emergency Stabilization Act, more commonly known as the Bailout Bill. But will the Bill do enough to save your savings and investments?

And here, ladies and gents, Hard Boiled Harry comes into the picture... Read all about the way Hard Boiled Harry will save your savings, together with his partners-in-crime Silly Willy and Big Dick, at:

This is Big Dick. To the ladies, he likes to introduce himself.
More Hard Boiled Harry:


Click here for another Halloween Top 13!

Blogger has some great applications or gadgets you can use on your website, MySpace page etcetera. It's easy, it's free and it's fun!... So, here is a very personal Halloween Top Thirteen!

1./ Halloween Countdown, made by Mysterial, the website of a community of people and organisations with shared interests in many area's of the unexplained, weird, mysterious and the paranormal. This website is a free facility which allows like-minded individuals and groups the opportunity to discuss and debate their respective ideas and observations.

2./ Put a Jack 'O Lantern on Your Homepage For Halloween!

3./ Carve a Pumpkin!... Lots of great Jack ‘O Lantern Ideas!... Halloween is almost here and it is time to carve a pumpkin! Get lots of great Jack ‘O Lantern ideas. Here are some of the best carved pumpkin faces around... Scary, funny, silly, creative... you will love them all!

4./ Behind the Screams: Halloween Horror Nights Videos from the NBC Universal Studios Hollywood... For the first time ever, Freddy Krueger is loose on the Backlot, and there's no escaping him. Face him on the all-new Nightmare on the Backlot, where Freddy will chase you through a never-ending web of terror. Then, revisit Freddy in his own, all-new Nightmare on Elm Street maze. If you're lucky enough to survive it, you'll be ready to take on Leatherface and Jason, each in their own horrific mazes. Plus, come face to face with "The Strangers" from Universal's hit horror film in an all-new House of Horrors maze.

You'll also experience new scare zones, new shows, and our most popular attraction, The Simpsons Ride. This October, Halloween Horror Nights isn't just terrifying. It's your worst nightmare...come true!

5./ Halloween Ideas from Entertainment Earth. Action figures, toys, gifts and collectibles... Bring Hollywood Home!

6./ Super Mario Game - Halloween Edition.

7./ Find Halloween Costumes. Adult and kids costumes, accessories and make up, hats and wigs, masks, decorations and props, mascot and pet costumes, party supplies. Buycostumes.com is the web's most popular costume store.

8./ A Free Halloween Horror Game. It's Halloween and Stevie suddenly awakes from his sleep. Strange enough, he finds himself not in his bed but in another strange dimension, a haunted realm where he has to kill the ghosts and ghouls that are coming for hem, by using punches, kicks and shoothing weaponry.

9./ Skull Clock Widget.

10./ Nightmare Before Halloween The 13th Game. A "find-the-differences-in-a-movie-snapshot" Game.

11./ FrightCatalog.com is a Halloween Decorations, Halloween Props, Halloween Masks, and Halloween Costumes Superstore! They have the widest selection of the scariest Halloween goodies you'll need to make your Halloween Party one to remember. If you're looking for Halloween Decorations, Accessories or Props to haunt your house for Halloween, or if you are searching a Scary Costume or Mask for any occasion, you've found the right place to shop!

12./ Out of Halloween Shooting Game.

13./ Eerie Ghost.