Hard Boiled Harry & His Company will put your Money in Safety!

Did you felt yet the crunch on your wallet, because of the financial crisis that is going on? It's something like the Crash of Wall Street in 1929, but experts say it's an even more Bigger Bang, to say it with the Stones. Several banks and financial institutions have gone down. Market analysts and professional bank robbers are set into a real panic mode.

Okay, government has taken some action, with President George W. Bush signing the Emergency Stabilization Act, more commonly known as the Bailout Bill. But will the Bill do enough to save your savings and investments?

And here, ladies and gents, Hard Boiled Harry comes into the picture... Read all about the way Hard Boiled Harry will save your savings, together with his partners-in-crime Silly Willy and Big Dick, at:

This is Big Dick. To the ladies, he likes to introduce himself.
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