Riddle # 1: The Riddle of the King, the Abbot and the Joker

How a King gave three riddles to an Abbot and how the Abbot was saved by the Joker.

Once upon a time, when a King was hitting the road, he came along a monastery where he saw a placard with this message: “Don't Worry! Be Happy! And do it here, please!”

The King could not believe his eyes. He always had a head full of worry, why would this not be the same for the fathers of the monastery? So, the King said he wanted to speak to the Abbot, and when the Abbot appeared, the King told him why he could not be very amused with the message on the placard.

“But it is true!” the Abbot said. “We all live here without any worries!”

“True or not,” the King said, "we will not tolerate this! You need to have a head full of worries, like we do! That's why we will give you three riddles… And we want to hear your answers… tomorrow morning!”

The King asked the Abbot these three questions:

1. How deep is the sea?
2. How much dog tails do you need to measure the distance from here to the sun?
3. What will we think about at the time when your third answer is required?

The Answers are here !

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