5 Strange Ways Wives have Killed Their Husbands

Getting out of a marriage can be as simple as filing for divorce or it can be as creative as those who didn’t only want to stand by their man, but they also didn’t want to leave their man standing.

Here's a quote of Agrippina's story:

"When it seemed the old man wouldn’t die quickly enough Agrippina sent in a slave with a feather to induce vomiting, claiming it would cure him. Of course, vomiting might in fact have helped Claudius if the feather hadn’t been dipped in yet more poison."

claudius and agrippina

Full story and 4 other strange ways, featuring Ruth Snyder, Pamela Smart, Larissa Schuster and Clara Harris (+ PodCast!)  in:

5 Strange Ways Wives have Killed Their Husbands - WeirdWorm


Dance of Death

Elena (Image Source)

You may call me Count Carl Tanzler von Cosel. I was born in Dresden, Germany and I moved to Zephyrhills, Florida where the wild winds blow. That was back in 1927, when I already dwelled for half a century on this earth, seeking love, finding none. Oh yes, I had a wife and two daughters...But where were you?

Since my childhood, I was frequently visited by visions of my dead ancestor, Countess Anna Constantia von Cosel. I danced with her and she revealed to me the face of my true love: it was her face; it was the face of this exotic and dark-haired woman I found at last in the US Marine Hospital in Key West, where I worked as a radiologist...

Full story:

Dance of Death


Leaked Footage from Russia - Woman Killed in Failed Assassination Attempt


"Other uploads of this video have been taken down by the Russian government," the description of the YouTube video is saying. "Please help reveal the truth. More information is coming soon."  

A Natasha Norvikov YouTube upload:

MIR-12 was founded in an effort to search for the Truth that Russia has kept hidden from the world for decades. Many men, and now Natasha, have been killed because they knew only pieces of the information contained in this video. I urge you to watch it now, it will open your eyes to the Truth that Russian officials would rather you never know. While it begins to shed light on the lies we are uncovering, it is only the beginning...


Natasha Norvikov on Flickr

Comment: "Is that where you were trained to be an assassin?"

"My first ride in a gondola."

с Рождеством Христовым
"с Рождеством Христовым Wishing everyone Merry Christmas!"

"The water was much warmer than I expected."

Natasha Norvikov on Facebook

MIR12Truth YouTube

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15 Cool Hi-tech Spy Gadgets. Oh Wait, Creepy Stalker Gifts


Do you have someone for whom you need a present but would classify as naughty and not nice? Do they have a desire for gadgets to make them feel like James Bond? There are spy gadgets designed to go undetected, products that were once considered science fiction, but can be purchased without needing to be a part of an elite secret service or military branch. Some of these spy gadgets barely squeak by as legal. So if you have a spy or spyette on your shopping list, perhaps one of these 15 hi-tech spy gadgets would be perfect for them. Oh wait . . . as the list goes down, they get creepy enough to almost induce full blown paranoia. Maybe these spy gadgets would be the perfect creepy gifts for stalkers?

Full article:

15 Cool Hi-tech Spy Gadgets. Oh Wait, Creepy Stalker Gifts


Colton Harris-Moore: “Catch Me If You Can” Teen Eludes Detectives - Crimesider - CBS News

Photo: Colton Harris-Moore in July 2009 self-portrait provided by the Island County Sheriff’s Office.

EASTSOUND, Wash. (CBS/AP) It is a scene straight out of the movie "Catch Me If You Can."

In the darkness of this sleepy island town, the beam of a deputy's flashlight caught the back of a lanky teenager wanted in a notorious 18-month burglary spree.

The teen glanced over his shoulder, and then vanished into the woods. "He virtually vaporized in front of me," deputy Jeff Patterson recalled.

Such encounters have become all too common on the bucolic islands north of Seattle as police hunt for an elusive thief whose crime spree is quickly becoming a local legend. Colton Harris-Moore is suspected in about 50 burglary cases since he slipped away from a halfway house in April 2008.

Full story:

Colton Harris-Moore: “Catch Me If You Can” Teen Eludes Detectives - Crimesider - CBS News


Mafia Wars: Awful Online Infinite Loop or Harmless Fun? | Webupon

Mafia Wars – is the multiplayer browser game in danger of creating millions of new gaming junkies, content to spend their time competing against others in a kind of awful online infinite loop or just a harmless bit of fun to while away the hours? One player muses...

Image Credit

Mafia Wars – to those not part of the close to thirty million users of the online multi-player game the term may be nothing more than a passing reference to a time in history or one of the multitude of movies made about these clandestine organizations. Yet to those involved in the game itself it can be one of several things. Firstly it can be just a harmless way to spend a few hours. Those a little more involved may find themselves taking the role play seriously. Others could be seen as being in danger of complete addiction and revolving their life completely around the game. Which category do you fall in to?

Check it out and do it here:

Mafia Wars:Awful Online Infinite Loop or Harmless Fun? | Webupon


JTRForums.com - THE place to be for All Things Ripper - Powered by vBulletin

The Place to be for "all things Ripper" - Jack The Ripper and the Victorian age:

JTRForums.com - THE place to be for All Things Ripper - Powered by vBulletin

The Official Net Detective | Background Checks, People Search, Criminal Records, & So Much More! | NetDetective.net

Don't know what I have to think about this one... Sounds like a great search tool... But also like being watched by Big Brother. And what about our privacy? (And no, I don't like to enter my email address here...)

Net Detective Criminal Records

From the Page:

Whether you're just curious, trying to locate or find out about people for personal or business reasons, or you're looking for people you've fallen out of touch with - Net Detective will help you do it!

With Net Detective you will learn...

  • How to "cloak" your e-mail so your true e-mail address can't be discovered.
  • How to make phone calls through a third party so that the number called doesn't appear on your phone bill.
  • Where to find a list of speed traps throughout the USA.
  • How to check out the ETHICS and business practices of businesses worldwide, including those on the Internet.
  • Where you can get security products such as recording and tracking equipment, listening devices, mini cameras, bomb detectors and more.
  • How to locate military records from Viet Nam, Korea, WW II and more.
  • How to find Wanted FUGITIVES -- maybe your secretive neighbor.

Net Detective Can Be Used For Just About ANYTHING

  • Net Detective allows you to uncover information you want to know about your doctor, boss, friends, neighbors, lover and even yourself.
  • You can do searches on anyone in total privacy!
  • It's 100% legal and no one will know what you are doing.
  • It is simple and easy to use even for a beginner.
  • Track down or look up the facts on anyone.
  • Net Detective is used worldwide to find lost relatives, old high school and army buddies, deadbeat parents, lost loves, people that owe money and just plain old snooping around.

The Official Net Detective | Background Checks, People Search, Criminal Records, & So Much More! | NetDetective.net

Detective Grimoire

Can you solve the crime by using a little detective work? "Detective Grimoire" is a character driven mystery game. It involves searching for clues, discovering evidence, talking to witnesses and solving the mystery.

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CSI Mind Prison

Can you solve the crimes as you use your detective skills and tools to solve it? Attractive graphics, video and sound effects. You have to start an investigative dialogue!

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The Dead Case Game

Explore a haunted town - as a ghost - and solve the mystery of your own death... A "hurror" mystery game ("hurror" = "humor" + "horror") created by Zachary Shaffer. 

"It was dark... Very dark... But then... you expect that in a buried coffin, don't you?"

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Man marries video game girlfriend !

A Japanese man has just married his girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki.

Here’s the catch: Nene is a video game character from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus.
The wedding took place during a Make: Japan meet-up held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. In attendance were a live audience, an MC, the bride’s virtual video game girlfriend — who made a speech — and a real human priest.
The groom, who calls himself “SAL 9000″, reportedly had a string of anime girlfriends before Nene.
LovePlus seems to hook its players more than other dating sims. BoingBoing previously wrote about a woman whose husband “Koh” confessed to being “hooked” on his high-school, virtual girlfriend from Love Plus.

Man marries video game girlfriend ! | Our world - animals, beautiful nature, techics, hi-tech, auto, national geographic, discovery


What Gaming Meant to Business

Imagine working in an environment where playing games was encouraged. If certain software companies have their way this will be a reality in the future office environment. New employees would receive their training through virtual scenario games. Information sharing would take place in a similar environment to Web 2.0. And employees would receive points based on their performance. Spending a day at the office has the potential to become more interactive.

Full article here!


Storytron... or Interactive Storytelling

You can read a book, watch a movie, play a video game... and now you can enjoy a "storyworld" too. Computer game designer Chris Crawford has teamed with science fiction writer Laura J. Mixon to found Storytron, a company devoted to the creation and publication of works of "interactive storytelling".

"Storyworlds" is a new form of computer entertainment, with - not necessarily professional - storytellers scripting their own sets of Actors, Stages and Props. Players engage with the Actors and explore a wide range of choices and behavior in the dramatically rich environment developed by the storyworld author. 

Think of your favorite story in a book or a comic, a movie or a TV show... and then imagine you are the protagonist who chooses what has to happen next. Do you prefer to be a sweetheart or a jerk, to gossip or to be discreet, to have your way through force, subtlety, or compromise? Do you seek romance or do you concentrate on other goals, do you want to avenge wrongs or forgive them? It's all up to you. 

In a "storytronic storyworld", you are not walking down a predetermined path, or manipulating puppets. The characters you meet are intelligent, feeling beings, with their own ideas and agendas. Every time you make a choice, they are evaluating you, and making decisions on how to respond. 

"Storytron" is about gaming, enjoying stories... and people. It's the ancient art of storytelling in a new and interactive medium. Currently www.storytron.com has one demo running: Balance of Power-21st Century, a sequel to Chris Crawford's blockbuster hit from the early days of computer games, focusing on geopolitical, military and economic strategy. (Indeed, strategic storyworlds have broad application in training and entertainment.)

Ultimately, the Storytron website has to grow into "a bazaar, with a wide variety of storyworlds for sale and a thriving community built around them.  Romance, magic, science fiction, drama, adventure, mystery--any genre you have experienced in traditional form--is possible with Storytronics."



Alternate Reality Game: Ever Dreamt of This Man?

Every night and all over the world thousands of people are seeing This Man in their dreams:

If his face appears in your dreams too or if you have information to identify This Man,  you are kindly invited to contact This Website.

Is This Man an Archetype, a SuperNatural Being, a ParaNormal Dream Surfer?
Is This Man a sample of viral marketing, just another alternate reality game... or both? 
Is This Man perhaps something creepier? Like, let's say, an experiment in mind control, in thought and/or dream manipulation?

New York, January 2006. The patient of a well-known shrink draws the face of This Man, who has been repeatedly visiting her… in her dreams. Though she has never met This Man before, he gives her all sorts of advice on private matters. The drawing lies forgotten for some days on the desk of the psychiatrist, until another patient recognizes the face of This Man, that has often appeared in his dreams. He also says he has never seen This Man in his waking life…

The shrink sends the drawing to some of his colleagues with patients who have recurrent dreams. Four patients recognize the portrait as that of the frequent visitor in their dreams. They all refer to him as “This Man”. From early 2006 until today, more than 2000 people in many cities all over the world, have claimed This Man appeared in their dreams:




There seems to be no common trait or ascertained relation among these people, and until today no man has been recognized as This Man…


Several theories have already been developed to explain the mysterious phenomenon. 
Is This Man, according to the psychoanalytic theory of Carl Gustav Jung, an archetypical image that surfaces in times of hardship? 
Is This Man one of the forms in which God is manifesting Himself today? 
Is This Man a real person who can enter people’s dreams, thanks to his very specific paranormal skills? 
Is there a mental conditioning plan behind This Man, developed by a major corporation? 
Can the phenomenon be explained by the “dream imitation theory”, whereby people become so deeply impressed that they also begin to see This Man in their dreams? 
Is the image of This Man an instrument which facilitates recognition in our waking life, because of its undefined oneirical nature? 

One thing is for sure, the domain name of This Man’s website is registered by Andrea Natella, the director of an Italian advertising agency (*). Is This Man, in other words, an unconventional form of advertising? Does This Man have a hidden marketing agenda? Is This Man a demonstration of how things go viral? Is This Man the name of a new alternate reality game?

 We'll keep you informed!

(*) See also http://guerrigliamarketing.it and http://www.rhizome.org/discuss/view/26577

Born in Italy in 2003, Guerrigliamarketing.it is an advertising agency that uses non-conventional communication techniques, like the creation of fictitious events or campaigns reaching the limits of legality, through which they “fuck the market in order to enter it”.


Unusual Circumstance: It all started today . . .

It all started today . . .

My name is Benjamin, and I am a paranormal investigator. In case you don't know what that is, a paranormal investigator is a person who studies, documents, and attempts to debunk or prove the existence of paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, U.F.O.s etc. At least . . . that's the way it's supposed to be.

I had to start writing this Blog because I needed people to know what I've seen . . . what I'm going to see. Everything about my studies has changed today. I'm here to tell the world the truth, and that's what this is.

It all started when I got a call from Alfred Nordmen telling me about an old abandoned house out in the forest away from peering eyes. The story goes that there was a women who lived there with her 2 year old daughter. The mother had reportedly died of measles and the baby was left alone to starve. My first thought was that this was another ordinary investigation. In and out with a few fuzzy photos, until Alfred told me about the recent death in the house.


Shining my flashlight around the room again i noticed something that I had not noticed before. A small cabinet against the far wall. Making my way over to it I opened the door. Laying on the top shelf was a small leather bound book that's edges were crumpled. The old book felt cold as I picked it up and began to flip through the pages.

Read More:
Unusual Circumstance: It all started today . . .

Bungled Burglaries: A Catalog of Misfortunes | Socyberty

And in 1971, after a reckless, drunken drive through town following his most recent robbery, Philip McCutcheon of Yorkshire, England, made his 20th appearance in court...

An exasperated judge outlined McCutcheon’s nonqualifications for a life of crime. “Whoever heard of a burglar succeeding with only one leg, a withered hand, and a glass eye? It’s time you gave it up. You are a rotten burglar. You are always being caught.”
At one time “the perfect crime” was an often used expression. But some attempts seem doomed to failure from the start, whether the result of poor planning, bad luck, inept perpetrators, or a combination thereof, some crimes deserve a lesser superlative.
Read More:

Bungled Burglaries: A Catalog of Misfortunes | Socyberty


True Crimes, by Lauren Axelrod

This is Dr. Lauren Axelrod on Friends Revolution, The Everyday Interesting:

"Where do I begin. I have been writing blogs now for over 9 months and I am loving meeting so many fantastic people. I believe that all of you already know that I was a restaurant owner, however I chose to leave before the economy got worse. I decided to go back to school to become a Doctor of Archaeology, as if my life wasn't complicated enough. My blogs are a way for me to take a break from studying mummies, and of course the scorpions running around in my shorts."
Here is an article she wrote on The Revolution of Friends Revolution: Believe it or not, my goal is to turn the Revolution into a magazine with field writers and researchers. I want to include all points of interest like Travel, Science, Music, Cultures, History, Archeology, ans so much more.
And here are some of her amazing true crime articles: The Strange Obsession of Dr. Carl Von Cosel

The story of Carl Tanzler , otherwise known as Dr. Carl Von Cosel, has to be one of the most bizarre and creepy tales of Necrophilia I have ever heard.

In 1931, a bacteriologist was working in the Marine Hospital in Key West where most of the patients had tuberculosis. He grew fond of a young women named Elena Hoyos who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. He made romantic gestures and showered her with gifts, however the feelings were not reciprocated.

Hojos died in October 1931 at her parents home in Key West and Cosel paid for the entire funeral, even gaining permission to construct a mausoleum in the Key West Cemetery that he visited almost every night...

Read More: The Strange Obsession of Dr. Carl Von Cosel

Ed Gein The Wisconsin Grave Robber and Butcher of Plainfield
Terror drives men to insanity and the passion to become a monster, lurking in the shadows, like the cast of Marlowe, will allow for the darkness to fall on the sands of a quite town.

The Infamous and Bizarre Vampire of Brooklyn Albert Fish
In the 1920’s in New York City, children's bodies were turning up mutilated and dismembered in alley ways and streets all over Gotham. The residents thought the act was too gruesome for an ordinary person, so they believed it to be the work of the boogieman.

The Bizarre and Twisted Evolution of HH Holmes Castle of Horrors
By the turn of the century, the last frontier was over and America was moving from a rural to an urban society. America was replaced by uncaring cities and industry, where transients walked the streets looking for any kind of work.


Murder Ballads

mystical musings and politics presents: Murder Ballads

 Murder ballads are a notable portion of recorded medieval ballads from Scandinavia and Great Britain. In those, the victim overcomes the murderer, tricks him and stabs him to death while sleeping. Thus, justice is fulfilled, and the murderer is punished. Many of those ballads mention a row of dead brides, from seven and up to ten, until the final surviving heroine.
Often the details and locales for a particular murder ballad change as it is sung over time, reflecting the audience and the performer. For example, "Knoxville Girl" is essentially the same ballad as "The Wexford Girl" with the setting transposed from Ireland to Tennessee - the two of them are based on "The Oxford Girl", the original murder ballad set in England.
American murder ballads are often versions of older Old World ballads with any elements of supernatural retribution removed. For example, the English ballad "The Gosport Tragedy" of the 1750s had both murder and vengeance on the murderer by the ghosts of the murdered woman and her unborn baby, who call up a great storm to prevent his ship sailing before tearing him apart. In contrast, the Kentucky version, "Pretty Polly", is a stark murder ballad ending with the murder and burial of the victim in a shallow grave.
A murder ballad typically recounts the details of a mythic or true crime, who the victim is, why the murderer decides to kill him or her, how the victim is lured to the murder site and the act itself, followed by the escape and/or capture of the murderer. Often the ballad ends with the murderer in jail or on their way to the gallows, occasionally with a plea for the listener not to copy the evils committed by the singer.

Read more here + look & listen to 8 YouTube Gruesome Murder Ballads, featuring Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie...

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A Free Halloween Murder Mystery Script

With this script, you can organize all by yourself a Murder Mystery as a Halloween Party Game, Dinner Party Game, Murder Weekend, etc. And you can play it with 10 to 30 participants... or even more!

 1. First read the back-story!

The back-story consists of a description of the main characters and the plot of this Halloween Murder Mystery. Read this first, and do it here!

2. The players are welcomed by Michael Mayer or "someone of the event office".

If you are organizing a (Halloween) Murder Weekend, they are welcomed with these words: "Welcome at Your Murder Weekend. Go immediately to your rooms and put your stuff away. You will find an envelope in your room, for your eyes only. Open it and read the message. Remember, the content is strictly personal!"
If you are organizing a (Halloween) Dinner or Party Game, they are welcomed with these words: "Welcome at Your Murder Party. Here I have an envelope with a message in it, for your eyes only. The content is strictly personal!"
The envelopes contain two "secret documents": a set of tasks he or she has to perform (and meant to make him or her a suspect) and a personal file of the other players (this can be partly true, partly fictitious, and is meant to make this player a suspect for the others).

3. Michael's Message

Dear Victims! Welcome to Your Last Supper!
To any of you who has ever dreamed of a murder mystery event with a real psycho in it, I can say this: at last... At last! AT LAST YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE HAS COME TRUE!
Yes, I've had some uh... tendencies. However, are not we all more or less... peculiar? Yes, I did like some freaky hard core SM but, apparently, I'm cured now. They have tucked me away in a mental asylum for 30 years, only because I was a fan of the Marquis de Sade. But now I'm free. Finally. They have released me, saying I was no longer an insane son of a bitch. I'm sane now. I'm safe.
And that's why I am playing now this sort of silly games society wants me to play. The shrinks want me to show up as a creepy clown, a freak out of a cabinet of curiosities, the psycho of the week. As if I don't have any feelings at all!
I can hear you think, ladies and gentlemen: it can't grow worse anymore for this poor man. Well, I have to disappoint you, but it can grow worse. I sure don't want to spoil your Murder Mystery Party with the infamous Psycho Michael Mayer, who once was the inspiration for the character of Michael Myers in the Halloween movie series... But I have to warn you: I'm in a terrible state. I've had already a few heart attacks, I'm on digitaline and a salt-free diet now, and of course that is mainly due to the stress of the recent months.
An example... You wake up in the morning, you take a look at your newspaper... and what do you see? A crazy cow has written with a marker in big red letters all over the page this one sentence: "I'm going to feed you to the piranha's, you filthy pig!"
She's on my back, you know. Vanilla Mayer. My niece. I was a sick person, back then, when I fed her mother and her father - who was my brother - to the piranha's. I am cured now. But she wants revenge, you know. She's coming for me, she's coming to get me... Last murder weekend, part of the roof came "accidentally" down on me and the weekend before, the door of the freezer section "accidentally" was closed behind me. But okay, this has to be your Murder Game... and I don't want to spoil it!
You can't believe how happy I am to find here a bunch of perfectly ordinary and normal people like you, who take their pleasure in a nice little Murder Party. Therefore I will do everything what is in my ability to have some of you murdered in a most exciting way.
"Don't bother too much that someone is trying to kill you," the doctor said. "That's bad for the heart."
Okay, but he doesn't have a psycho on his back.
Anyway, I won't bore you with my problems. After all, it's your Murder Party, not mine!
So... Enjoy your Supper! It can be the Last!

4. A Seance

After dinner the dishes are done, and then there is a seance held by Michael. Talking with the spirits is one of his hobbies. Everyone has to sit around the table together, hand in hand, staring into a candle light. You also can use a ouija-board and one or more of the other participants can bring us a message "from the spirit world". But then, suddenly, it's Suzy - Michael's sister in law who was murdered by him - who is speaking with her voice through Michael's mouth:

"Suzy!... My name is Suzy!... You talk to Suzy now, the sister in law of Michael Mayer!
Yes, I was once married to his brother Nicholas... And we were so happy!... If it was not for Michael... and his experiments on animals... we still could be very happy all together... But see, when we confronted him with his intolerable behaviour, he freaked out... He used chloroform on both Nicholas and me, and he threw us in the pond together with the flesh eating piranhas he had released there...

This happened 30 years ago... They have locked him up in a mental asylum, but not for what he had done to us, because at that point they could not prove anything... He was locked up because of some of his other experiments...
And our children grew up as orphans... Sweet little 3 year old Vanilla, and my handsome 4 year old boy Rudy... He loved his mother and father dearly... and his rabbit. And Vanilla... oh Vanilla... she always was sniffing in my neck at my vanilla perfume... She loved anything that smelled or tasted like vanilla... 

Ah, but now the Hour of Vengeance has finally arrived!... By killing their mother and father, he has ruined the lives of Vanilla and Rudy... So he has to face the final curtain and he has to face it... now! He has to die, slowly, painfully... and then he will burn forever in hell!

Tell it to him, when he, in a minute or so, comes out of his trance... Tell him the Hour of Vengeance has arrived! Let him tremble with fear, we want to hear him begging for his life down here... and then we will say to him: there can't be any mercy for Michael Mayer! No Mercy for Michael Mayer! No Mercy for..."
Michael comes out of his trance. He is not feeling well. As he gets up, he asks what has happened. When the others tell him about the message that came through, he feels even worse. Michael says he needs to rest a moment, and he goes out to get some fresh air.

5. The Disappearance of Michael Mayer

Twenty minutes later, there is a telephone call from Michael Mayer: "Come find me, ASAP! I have to go to the hospital! Come as soon as possible... But only people who are younger than 30 may come looking for me... Because either Vanilla or Rudy is in the house, and they are both aged over 30... Unless of course they work with an accomplice who..."
The players go out to search for Michael, but they don't find him.

6. The Murder of Michael Mayer

When everyone is back, there is a discussion on what exactly has happened. Then there is a phone call from "Sophie of the Event Office". She tells the participants that Michael Mayer was found along the road. His body will be taken by the police to the forensic laboratory, but it seems Michael Mayer was poisoned. There will come an inspector to the house soon, but it is important that in the meantime everyone should have expressed his or her suspicions. The conclusions can be submitted to the inspector, because clearly, the murderer of Michael Mayer has to be one of them. Therefore, no one is allowed to leave the house!
A kind of group discussion starts: anyone can say who they think has committed the murder. Who may be Vanilla... or Rudy? When the inspector arrives, everyone will give him an answer... Then he reveals the true identity of Darla and Sam... and "confessions" follow soon. Darla is indeed Vanilla Mayer and Sam - who is, in fact, Rudy Mayer - has a photo to prove that she threw "vinegar" in the salt-free soup of Michael Mayer (see also Plot of How To Produce Your Own Halloween Murder Mystery Party).

Halloween Music, Soundtracks, Sound Effects & Soundscapes:

Dancing in Hell
Lunatic and the Chainsaw
Sounds & Music for your Halloween Party
Minimal Music, Maximal Horror


Jack the Ripper's identity finally uncovered?

An historian has claimed to have discovered the real identity of Jack the Ripper, and believes the notorious Whitechapel murderer was also responsible for killing two more women. 

Click on the title to read the full article!


Nostradamus, the Mayan Calendar and the End of the World in 2012

There are countless sites stating Nostradamus predicted the End of the World in 2012. This is nonsense, written down by people who are simply copy-pasting what others have said, without even reading the prophecies of Nostradamus... which reach until 3797, as the prophet himself said in his famous Preface to the Prophecies! 

Click on the title to get the full story!


Chris Marlowe, a Biography

Anyway, afterwards they will declare that it was Kit Marlowe who injured Frizer first with a dagger and that Frizer then stabbed the playwright just above the right eye.

The wound was five inches deep. My agony was terrible. “He died vomiting and screaming like a pig,” they said. “He died uttering the most blasphemous curses.”

The next morning, Ingram Frizer is arrested by the royal coroner. A jury of sixteen members interrogates the eyewitnesses. The verdict comes quickly: Frizer has acted in self-defense.

Of course. It was all planned like this.

Click on the title and solve the Chris Marlowe II Whodunnit

The Shew-Stone of Doctor Dee

My image... or the image in the mirror which was staring at me… was looking perfectly like the wooden dolls Mr Dee had collected… or even made with his own hands. And for some terrible moments I was no longer me, but one of these dolls… and at the same time the old man with the thin white hair and beard, whispering: “My name is John and I’m eighty… My name is John and I’m pleased! Pleased to meet you!”

Click on the title and solve the Chris Marlowe II Whodunnit


An Invitation, Registration Form, Personal Files and Special Tasks of : A Halloween Murder Mystery (click here for a full script!)

Invitation to a Murder Mystery Party

(Halloween, Murder Weekend, Murder Dinner…)

Your husband has a mistress, your wife is a bitch, your kids are little b’s and/or your boss has everything you have not. In short, you may be very tired of this life you’re in, so… Congratulations, you have won just what you need right now: a Murder Party with the famous maniac Michael Mayer. The main character of the Halloween movie series maniac Michael Myers was based upon this guy!… And you might even be his next victim!

Place to be (killed):
Time (of death):

Don’t forget your survival kit, including:
- A partner
- A cell phone
- A digital camera
- A flashlight
- Toiletries
- Sleeping bag and pillow

- A silver bullet, horseshoe, some garlic,…

Note: We Feed Our Victims!

PS: To commit the Perfect Murder it is essential that the attached form should be returned ASAP.

The Registration Form

This form is meant to produce “a personal file” of every player, that will be distributed to all the other players, in order to make everyone “a suspect” in the eyes of all the others.


Mobile Number / Cell Phone Number:
Person to contact in emergency:
Blood type:

Physical abnormalities
Cardiac disorders:

Psychiatric disorders:

Number of years in prison:

Number of years in a mental asylum:


Person you love (to kill) (slowly):

What would you never want to eat:

Recurring dreams:

Recurring nightmares:

What do you like to watch on TV:

Which music should not be played at your funeral:

You believe in:
Harry Potter
The Yeti
The Monster of Loch Ness
Michael Myers


Have you met one of these creatures? Where? When?

Do you believe in life after death / reincarnation / heaven / hell / nirvana

Persons you’d hate to meet in the Otherworld:

Persons you’d love to meet in the Otherworld:

Which of the following workshops you want to attend:
gunnery – poison mix – voodoo – psychology of the psychopath – how to handle the chainsaw – a theory of torture – the practice of torture – guillotine vs electric chair – throwing knives (only possible if you’re accompanied by your partner) – taxidermy

Favorite books (apart from Psycho and/or American Psycho):

Favorite movies (apart from the Halloween series):

Every player has one or more

Special Tasks

mentioned in the “Secret Document” with the Personal Files of all the other players, and meant to make every player “a suspect”.

Vanilla uses a vanilla deodorant, shower gel and shampoo; at least one other person has to see you using the vanilla deodorant. She eats vanilla pudding and/or drinks vanilla tea in front of at least two witnesses.

Rudy has to take pictures of everyone while performing his or her special task. He likes to act like a psycho and is a Halloween addict.

Two other women have to eat vanilla pudding and/or drink vanilla tea in front of at least two witnesses.

One of the men starts screaming when he hears the word “piranhas”. He has a piranhaphobia.

One of the men has to carry out an eye operation on an insect.

One of the women doesn’t want to eat something “that once lived in the water”, like crab salad or tuna salad.

Two of the women have to prepare a tuna salad.

Two of the women have to prepare meat balls.

At least one woman and one man have to be veggies.

At least one woman and one man have to decorate the house with Halloween stuff (if Halloween).

One man wants to play with the Ouija Board.

One woman has to find out what is the Golem.

Two men have to do the dishes.

One man loves to listen to horror sound effects… and produces them too.



The Forums Filthy Few

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Close Encounters with the Petulant & the Perverse... the Trolls of Triond and other Online Writings Sites!


The Solution of the Free Online Mystery Game "The Top Model Murder Case"

Belgian Third Rate Fringe Author and Murder Mystery Game Producer Patricia Bernauw, working under the NickName Patrick Bernauw, created some time ago Murder Mystery Dinner Party and wanted to publish a free online version in English. In a Joint Venture with Edgar de Nostredame and P. Bernauw - who hijacked some of his accounts - we have taken over the Game... Want to be a part of "The Chris Marlowe II Whodunnit", then take a look here!

Want to play the Free Online Mystery Game "The Top Model Murder Case", about a Belgian celebrity gossip columnist J.P. Vandam being suspected of murdering top model Catherine Vincenti? He now organizes an online investigation with detective teams from all over the world, hoping they can prove his innocence... This game starts here!

JP has asked the other suspects to publish online what they have to say about the case. Is the real culprit Fred Hulot, the husband of Catherine, who had an affair with JP? Is it Delphine, the little sister of Catherine, who also had a vague relationship with JP? Is it Pierre Dubois, Catherine's coke dealer? It's up to you to have these questions answered by visiting the sites where you will find out what they have to say about it.

If you're through with that, then come back here & Click on the Title of this Post to Get the Solution!


Fringe Author Publishes Article About Cursed Car That Started First World War!

In 1897, the three brothers Graf formed a partnership with Josef Stift and produced Austria's first automobile. In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie came to Serajevo in a brand-new Graf & Stift phaeton, a large red limousine with a four cylinder engine and front-wheel drive, for a rendezvous with horror & history...

Click on the title to get the full story (and check out our comment too!).

The Curse of James Dean's Porsche Spyder!

The profanity filter of UM disallows the use of the word "bastard" (being part of the name of James Dean's Porsche Spyder) - So click on this title to read the full story.

On September 23, Dean asked the actor Alec Guinness to take a look at the Spyder and Guinness said the car looked “sinister” to him. “If you get in that Porsche, you will be dead next week,” he warned his colleague.

On September 30, the Porsche 550 Spyder was prepared by Dean and his mechanic Rolf Wütherich for a sports car race at Salinas, California. Dean wanted to trailer the Spyder to Salinas behind his station wagon, crewed by his coach Bill Hickman and photographer Sanford Roth, who were planning a “James Dean at the Races” story. But at the last minute, Dean decided he needed more time to familiarize himself with the Porsche, and he drove the Spyder himself. Rolf Wütherich sat beside him...


Letter 1 of the Secret Message

There seems to be some fuzz about who could be, as a real Puppet Master, pulling the strings of some Puppets, and especially those of Chris Marlowe II. To be honest, there is a Puppet Master Team involved, and maybe you've already guessed who they are...

To prove to you all, beyond any doubt, that we - and nobody else - are forming the PM Team that's behind the Mask of Marlowe, we propose to have a rendez-vous with all those who are able to follow into our footsteps.

We will show you some vids on this blogspot; every vid has a letter in it... and these letters will eventually lead to a website, where you will find us... alive & very kicking!

Do you want to win the Price that is set on the Head of the person who is behind the Mask of Marlowe (this is done by the Lost Dutchman) you only have to keep an eye on this blogspot. And find out which letter is in this video:

It's the first letter we are looking for...

Maybe you also want to tell us, in the comments, what the treasure hunters in the video are searching for... and where precisely they are doing that. If you have something interesting to say, you will get from us a golden tip concerning the identity of Chris Marlowe II.

Bim-bo! Bim-bo! Bim-bo!

Coming Soon: a click on the title will show you the question to this answer.


Click here for the Favorite Authors of a Jack Nicholson kind of a Joker!

Just for the fun of it all: a review of my favorite writers on Triond, written by a Jack Nicholson kind of a Joker, coming to get you as in The Shining, peeping through the bathroom door, yelling: “Wendy!” - And swaying this bloody axe of mine…

Some Excerpts From the Your Favorite Ghostwriter & Jaylemurph Debates - Are they Part of the Chris Marlowe II Whodunnit? (Click here & find out!)

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Unexplained Mysteries Discussion Forums _ Ancient Mysteries & Alternative History _ Holy Blood aka Holy Grail... lost in Bruges?

Posted by: Your Favorite Ghostwriter Feb 21 2009, 02:23 PM

King Arthur's Knights of the Round Table searched for it... The cup from which Jesus drank wine at the Last Supper and that was later filled with his blood, at Golgotha. Legend says this "Holy Blood", also known as "the Holy Grail" (Sang Real = San Greal = Saint Grail) was brought to Britain, but it has never been found there. Treasure hunters are searching the Holy Grail in places like Glastonbury and that is very strange, because the one and only Holy Blood was found by the Knights Templar and the Count of Flanders on Christmas Day 1148, in the Holy Grave in Jerusalem! They brought it to Bruges, the Venice of the Nord, where you still can see it in the Chapel of the Holy Blood. But some say that it is a false relic, and that the one and only real Holy Grail was hidden somewhere in a house in Bruges. Eat your heart out, Dan Brown!...

I say, do you give Lincoln, Baigent and co. payment (or even credit) for using their ideas, or are you so ignorant of what they actually wrote (from completely disproven sources) that you don't know you're a happy little plagiarist?


No, but the first two thirds of your spiel is word for word out of their books. Granted, those words came straight out of the mouth of a convicted con-man, but still, having taken the time to write a book and get it published, they deserve the credit. I mean, at least with them it was an honest con. What's your excuse?


I still say -- show me somebody parading these facts before Lincoln et al. The facts -- which are still debatable -- may not need attribution, but the arrangement of these facts into an interpretation (which is what those authors did) certainly was not common knowledge to anyone, in Belgium or out of it. They did it first, and to use it you need to acknowledge this whole routine was not your own concept, however much you seem to feel free to use it.

Well, not ignorant, but the others seem on the money -- you may not have quite the notoriety of a Sitchin or van Daniken, but you're sure playing the same game. You're even worse than they are, since you're clearly in their debt and refuse to admit it. You appear to think your dreck -- which is easily attributable to other authors -- is somehow original.

Don't show this man a Babel fish! I love how he keeps shouting his basic premise -- that the Templars found something of Jesus and brought it back to Europe -- is totally his own unique idea, and a picture of a lamb and a chalice prove it beyond doubt. /And/ the Nazis stole it. That makes it extra super-duper true.

...I just want to know how much longer it is till we find out that it's /he/ who is, in fact, the descendant of Jesus Holy Priest-King of all Europe. And not Pierre "Le Garcon" Plantard. And he saves all Holland by sticking his finger in a hole in a dyke.


Sigh. Just because you say things over and over again doesn't make them a good argument. Still though, I guess I oughtn't to expect a pseudo-history writer to grasp that, really: doing so would negate their work and leave them penniless.
You haven't proven me wrong. Your thesis is /still/ a picture of a lamb and a chalice are somehow more meaningful in Belgium than in the rest of Europe. Not only that, but you seem to refuse to accept the point this is a common christian motif. Fair enough: I assume that by your argument, you's also think that there's a Holy Grail hanging about at every Angus Dei in the world, and that wouldn't be good for sales, either.

But it is an argument, not a theory and certainly not proof of anything. As legion points out, you're still a bit murky on the difference between a fact and a belief. Occupational hazard, I suppose.

Yes, I certainly do call you a plagiarist. And will do so as long as you attempt to either a) pass of Lincoln, Baigent et al.'s work -- or that of their direct sources -- as your own work, or B) try pass off that this "common knowledge" -- which seems to exist only in other fringe literature -- is somehow yours to pass off as unique, needing no citation.

Yes, I know, dear thing, it is hard when people don't buy your work as divine truth. Caliban and the glass and all that.

I imagine it's even worse for you when they say so without /paying/ for the privilege. But frankly, with your weak arguments and poor command of facts, I think you've managed to settle out exactly where you belong: a sort of sub-Hancockian fringe author panhandling for facts on a internet forum, unable even to convince people /for free/.

Bruges seems oddly appropriate for you.