Seven Spooky Pictures by Phantom Photographer William Hope

Harry Price from the Society for Psychical Research collected evidence that William Hope produced his spirit photographs with a little help from some glass plates and their spooky images. But as the grieving relatives of those lost to the Great War sought ways of contacting their loved ones, spirit photographers remained quite successful.

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Haunted Chingle Hall

Haunted Chingle Hall: "Singleton Hall was built in 1260 by Sir Adam de Singleton, just outside the village of Goosnargh, near Preston. But the oldest inhabited brick building in England has become world famous as Chingle Hall, one of the most haunted houses of England..."

Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House: Letter VII


February 12.

Dear Mother,

You say you could multiply particular instances of the spirit's noises, but I want to know whether nothing was ever seen by any. For though it is hard to conceive, nay, morally impossible, that the hearing of so many people could be deceived, yet the truth will be still more manifest and undeniable if it is grounded on the testimony of two senses. Has it never at all disturbed you since the 28th of December? Did no circumstance give no light into the design of the whole?-Your obedient and loving son,

S. Wesley.

Have you dug in the place where the money seemed poured at your feet?

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The Haunted English Manor House and Ghost Watching Channel

"Won't you stay a while, settle down in a comfy chair by the fire and watch some Ghost stories? As a Connoisseur of History the Victorian era and all things of a decidedly dark and spooky nature, I have a Large collection of Paranormal and Ghostly Videos in my Library that I am slowly converting from disintegrating vhs tapes onto dvd to help preserve them with the aid of a new fangled (slightly temperamental) machine! (...) I set up this account purely to delight and intrigue other Paranormal fans, I do not profit from it in any way."

A clergyman and two spirits

The clergyman and his wife had attended a seance at which a voice was heard, claiming to be their stillborn daughter - whom the 'spirit people' had named Rose. The voice asked them to sit for a psychic photograph, telling them she would try to appear in it. 'Rose' is not clearly apparent in the image. The image of the man was identified as the long-deceased father of the clergyman.

The Spirits of Levens Hall, South Cumbria

Levens Hall, in South Cumbria, is a Tudor style sixteenth century residence, built on the site of a twelfth century Pele Tower. The house is open to the public from April to October. A Lakeland guide once described the park as 'the sweetest spot that fancy can imagine'. The picturesque manor house has become world famous because of its topiary garden, with the yew trees that have been cut to amazing shapes for the past three centuries. And of course, there are ghosts too...including a gypsy woman, a phantom black dog, a mysterious pink lady, a traffic ghost and the spirit of a harpsichord player.

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Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House: Letter VI


Dear Sister Suky,

Your telling me spirit has made its personal appearance, without saying how, or to whom, or when, or how long, has excited my curiosity very much. I long mightily for a farther account of every circumstance by your next letter. Do not keep me any longer in the dark. Why need you write the less because my father is to send me the whole story. Has the disturbance continued since the 28th of December? I understand my father did not hear it at all but a fortnight after the rest. What did he say remarkable to any of you when he did hear it? As to the devil being an enemy to King George, were I the king myself I should rather Old Nick should be my enemy than my friend. I do not like the noise of the nightgown sweeping along the ground, nor its knocking like my father. Write when you receive this, though nobody else should, to your loving brother.


Did Robert Johnson sell his soul to the Devil at the Crossroads?

Robert Johnson is known as “the King of the Delta Blues Singers” but did he get that title with a Faustian pact, and as legend has it, “sold his soul to the devil at the crossroads”?

These and many more musical questions are answered in this superbe article by Chris Jordan:

10 Amazing Music-trivia Facts You Never Knew


The Plague of Plagiarism

The Unbelievable but True Story of the Plagiator who was Spamming the Article He Plagiarised!


Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House: Letter V.


Dear Brother,

About the first of December a most terrible and astonishing noise was heard by a maid-servant as at the dining-room door, which caused the upstarting of her hair, and made her ears prick forth at an unusual rate. She said it was like the groans of one expiring. These so frightened her, that for a great while she durst not go out of one room into another, after it began to be dark, without company. But, to lay aside jesting, which should not be done in serious matters, I assure you that from the first to the last of a lunar month the groans, squeaks, tinglings, and knockings were frightful enough.

Though it is needless for me to send you any account of what we all heard, my father himself having a larger account of the matter than I am able to give, which he designs, to send you, yet, in compliance with your desire, I will tell you as briefly as I can what I heard of it. The first night I ever heard it my sister Nancy and I were set in the dining-room. We heard something rush on the outside of the doors that opened into the garden, then three loud knocks, immediately after other three, and in half a minute the same number over our heads. We enquired whether .anybody had been in the garden, or in the room above us, but there was nobody. Soon after my sister Molly and I were up after all the family were abed, except my sister Nancy, about some business. We heard three bouncing thumps under our feet, which soon made us throw away our work and tumble into bed. Afterwards the tingling of the latch and warming-pan, and so it took its leave that night.

Soon after the above mentioned we heard a noise as if a great piece of sounding metal was thrown down on the outside of our chamber. We, lying in the quietest part of the house, heard less than the rest for a pretty while, but the latter end of the night that Mr. Hoole sat up on I lay in the nursery, where it was very violent. I then heard frequent knocks over and under the room where I lay, and at the children's bed head, which was made of boards. It seemed to rap against it very hard and loud, so that the bed shook under them. I heard something walk by my bedside, like a man in a long nightgown. The knocks were so loud, that Mr. Hoole came out of their chamber to us. It still continued. My father spoke, but nothing answered. It ended that night with my father's particular knock very fierce.

It is now pretty quiet, only at our repeating the prayers for the king and prince, when it usually begins, especially when my father says, "Our most gracious Sovereign Lord," etc. This my father is angry at, and designs to say THREE instead of TWO for the royal family. We all heard the same noise, and at the same time, and as coming from the same place. To conclude this, it now makes its personal appearance; but of this more hereafter. Do not say one word of this to our folks, nor give the least hint.

I am, your sincere friend and affectionate sister,

Susannah Wesley.


The Lost Gold Mine of Juan Mondragón

The Lost Mine of Juan Mondrag�n

Let me tell you about the very rich mine of the late Juan Mondragón. Thousands and thousands of people are searching for that mine and nobody has been able to find it. I wish someday it would be found, so that it could provide a living for everyone.

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Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House: Letter IV


January 25 or 27, 1716-17.

Dear Sam,

Though I am not one of those that will believe nothing supernatural, but am rather inclined to think there would be frequent intercourse between good spirits and us did not our deep lapse into sensuality prevent it, yet I was a great while ere I could credit anything of what the children and servants reported concerning the noises they heard in several parts of our house. Nay, after I had heard them myself, I was willing to persuade myself and them that it was only rats or weasels that disturbed us; and having been formerly troubled with rats, which were frightened away by sounding a horn, I caused a born to be procured, and made them blow it all over the house. But from that night they began to blow the noises were more loud and distinct, both day and night, than before, and that night we rose and went down I was entirely convinced that it was beyond the power of any human creature to make such strange and various noises.
As to your questions, I will answer them particularly, but withal, I desire my answers may satisfy none but yourself, for I would not have the matter imparted to any. We had both man and maid now last Martinmas, yet I do not believe either of them occasioned the disturbance, both for the reason above mentioned and because they were more affrighted than anybody else. Besides, we have often heard the noises when they were in the room by us; and the maid particularly was in such a panic, that she was almost incapable of all business, nor durst ever go from one room to another, or stay by herself a minute after it began to be dark.
The man, Robert Brown, whom you well know, was most visited by it lying in the garret, and has been often frighted down bare-foot and almost naked, not daring to stay alone to put on his clothes, nor do I think if he had power he would be guilty of such villainy. When the walking was heard in the garret Robert was in bed in the next room, in a sleep so sound, that he never heard your father and me walk up and down, though we walked not softly, I am sure. All the family has heard it together, in the same room, at the same time, particularly at family prayers. It always seemed to all present in the same place at the same time, though often before any could say it was here, it would remove to another place.
All the family, as well as Robin, were asleep when your father and I went downstairs, nor id they wake in the nursery when we held the candle close by them, only we observed that Hetty trembled exceedingly in her sleep, as she always did before the noise awaked her. It commonly was nearer her than the rest, which she took notice of, and was much frightened, because she thought it had a particular spite at her: I could multiply particular instances, but I forbear. I believe your father will write to you about it shortly. Whatever may be the design of Providence in permitting these things, I cannot say. "Secret things belong to God"; but I entirely agree with you, that it is our wisdom and duty to prepare seriously for all events.

S. Wesley

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Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House at Epworth in Lincolnshire: Letter III

Letter III.


Dean's Yard, Westminster,
January 19,1716-17, Saturday.

Dear Mother,

Those who are so wise as not to believe any supernatural occurrences, though ever so well attested, could find a hundred questions to ask about those strange noises you wrote me an account of; but for my part, I know not what question to put, which, if answered, would confirm me more in the belief of what you tell me. Two or three I have heard from others. Was there never a now maid, or man, in the house that might play tricks? Was there nobody above in the garrets when the walking was there? Did all the family hear it together when they were in one room, or at one time? Did it seem to be at all in the same place, at the same time? Could not cats, or rats, or dogs be the sprights? Was the whole family asleep when my father and you went downstairs? Such doubts as these being replied to, though they could not, as God himself assures us, convince them who believe not Moses and the prophets, yet would strengthen such as do believe. As to my particular opinion concerning the events foreboded by these noises, I cannot, I must confess, form any. I think since it was not permitted to speak, all guesses must be in vain. The end of spirits' actions is yet more hidden than that of men, and even this latter puzzles the most subtle politicians. That we may be struck so as to prepare seriously for any ill may, it is possible, be one design of Providence. It is surely our duty and wisdom to do so.

Dear mother, I beg your blessing on your dutiful and affectionate son, S. Wesley.
I expect a particular account from every one.

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The Sausage Meat Murder Mystery

A True Crime Story meats a True Ghost Story somewhere in a sausage plant, in Chicago...

Black Comedy Meating Horror!...

The theory was that the missing Mrs. Louisa Luetgert had been cooked down to something as easily disposed of as sausage meat...

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Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House at Epworth in Lincolnshire: Letter II


January 30, Saturday.

Honoured Sir,

My mother tells me a very strange story of disturbances in your house. I wish I could have some more particulars from you. I would thank Mr. Hoole if he would favour me with a letter concerning it. Not that I want to be confirmed myself in the belief of it, but for any other person's satisfaction. My mother sent to me to know my thoughts of it, and I cannot think at all of any interpretation. Wit, I fancy, might find many, but wisdom none.

Your dutiful and loving son,

S. Wesley.

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Letter I


Three Not So Perfect Murders

Not So Perfect Murder # 1: Lose Your Head!

First, the police found a human arm and leg in a hotel closet. The next day, the other leg turned up in a trash basket in Paris' Latin Quarter. A short time later, the fourth limb was discovered in a park. A small pond yielded up the torso.

Not So Perfect Murder # 2: Check the Basics!

Leone Gagliardi and his friend Angelo Donofrio carefully draped the body over the tracks, laying the head neatly on one rail and the legs across the other. After the train passed over Nicolas Sarao, the body would be so cut up that no one would ever suspect he had been beaten to death before the train hit him.

Not So Perfect Murder # 3: The Wrath of God

George Morton Field was the richest man of Mustoc, Kansas. Stiff-necked, with a stern religious code, he contributed much of the money that built the local church. And when no itinerant preacher was available, Mr. Field himself would sermon the sinners. But Mr. Field too fell victim to the weakness of the flesh, and in this case the flesh had the form of a rosy-cheecked girl named Gertie Day, who had a way with men.

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Carrickfergus Castle

Carrickfergus Castle is famous because of an old Irish folk song recorded by Van Morrison, Joan Baez, Bryan Ferry and many others... and because of a tragic history of love and betrayal that resulted in the Haunting of Buttoncaps Well.

Carrickfergus Castle, in the Northern Irish County of Antrim, is an imposing 12th century fortress and the oldest intact stone castle in Ireland. It was built by a Norman Lord, John de Courcy, who believed in the prophecy that Ulster one day would be conquered by a white knight on a white horse. De Courcy, who was fair-haired, mounted upon a white warhorse and, together with a bunch of well-armed soldiers, started a bloody campaign and consolidated each conquest with a castle... In 1210, Carrickfergus Castle was taken over by King John and made into an English governmental centre.

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Until The Clock Strikes Midnight Again

It's twelve o'clock in Bruges-la-Morte

and where once the groom

and his bride were murdered,

it's pitch black now: every room

is deserted.

Except the one where

a grand piano is playing

Variations on a French Cancan ,

but where

is the pianist?

Do you see him?

Night after night

caught in a web of white light

he's playing the same

Very Slow and Spooky French Cancan ,

can you hear it?

The keys are touched

by invisible fingers

and now a ghostly band joins in

and a beautiful lady appears

and dances through the walls

and windows on the tunes

of this Orchestral Music Made by

and disappears

into the fog,


until the clock strikes