Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House: Letter VI


Dear Sister Suky,

Your telling me spirit has made its personal appearance, without saying how, or to whom, or when, or how long, has excited my curiosity very much. I long mightily for a farther account of every circumstance by your next letter. Do not keep me any longer in the dark. Why need you write the less because my father is to send me the whole story. Has the disturbance continued since the 28th of December? I understand my father did not hear it at all but a fortnight after the rest. What did he say remarkable to any of you when he did hear it? As to the devil being an enemy to King George, were I the king myself I should rather Old Nick should be my enemy than my friend. I do not like the noise of the nightgown sweeping along the ground, nor its knocking like my father. Write when you receive this, though nobody else should, to your loving brother.

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