Three Not So Perfect Murders

Not So Perfect Murder # 1: Lose Your Head!

First, the police found a human arm and leg in a hotel closet. The next day, the other leg turned up in a trash basket in Paris' Latin Quarter. A short time later, the fourth limb was discovered in a park. A small pond yielded up the torso.

Not So Perfect Murder # 2: Check the Basics!

Leone Gagliardi and his friend Angelo Donofrio carefully draped the body over the tracks, laying the head neatly on one rail and the legs across the other. After the train passed over Nicolas Sarao, the body would be so cut up that no one would ever suspect he had been beaten to death before the train hit him.

Not So Perfect Murder # 3: The Wrath of God

George Morton Field was the richest man of Mustoc, Kansas. Stiff-necked, with a stern religious code, he contributed much of the money that built the local church. And when no itinerant preacher was available, Mr. Field himself would sermon the sinners. But Mr. Field too fell victim to the weakness of the flesh, and in this case the flesh had the form of a rosy-cheecked girl named Gertie Day, who had a way with men.

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