Top Ten List of Great Writer MySpaces

I'm a big MySpace lover. And I am fascinated by writers and their writings and how online writing nowadays is mixed with offline writing. So here is my Top Ten List of Writer MySpaces, in no particular order!

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The Writers Mafia Organization provides opportunities for young writers to become published authors. The Organization provides information, support and community, is hosting writing and participating in publishing projects,... The slogan is: "Create. Influence. Change." They believe that "immortal words can help change the world"... and they live by their motto. One of their projects is Blurbings.com: reach a multitude of readers by promoting your name and book on other authors' books, websites and profiles. Recently, Blurbings.com caused quite a stir in the world of publishing, when the NY Times and Guardian blogs joined the debate.

The Dark Poets Lair is a webbased literary society, moderated by three qualified individuals, and gathering, assisting and promoting to the best of their combined ability the quality poets and writers who are working on MySpace. They have a Poet of the Month, Creative Challenges, an Image & Word Merge,...

Black Widow. This is one of my two favorite poetesses I've found on MySpace, spinning her web of tales. She has a deadly bite and a fatal write and she says she'll kill you with her words, but she's okay. She's sort of a New Age Type of Black Widow, a Spider Woman who has the Spirit : "It flows in and out of everything." - And so is her poetry, flowing in and out of everything. This Black Widow is a Creator and a Mother "She created her own children, twin daughters and twin sons, who brought forth the sun, moon and stars. She created all vegetation, birds, animals and red, black, yellow and white people."

The Portal Of Lust is an Erotic Playground MySpace where a fantasy can become a reality. Erotic poetry, humour, games, short stories... you think about it, they've got it! The original Portal was deleted in November 2007 by the "Mywaste Patrol", but hey... "You just can't keep a good Freak down!" - An Adult site, but you will find here no XXX hardcore porn, pics, graphics or video clips.

Viola Bow writes frantically and on an almost daily basis. To date, she has had - outside MySpace - three poems published. She was nominated on the about.com poetry site in the interboard poetry competition, was runner-up in the MySpace Poet of the Year competition. She also is undertaking a poetry writing course through The Writing School in Australia. Viola writes with a passion that kills, breathless, with superb flowing rhymes and rhythms, stunning imagery, influenced by Sylvia Plath, Dylan Thomas, TS Elliot, E.A. Poe, Rimbaud,...

The Writer's Services is a business specialized in proofreading and corrections for fiction and nonfiction, magazines, blogs,... Special knowledges of Criminal Justice, Criminology and Forensic Psychology, Cryptozoology, the Paranormal and the horror genre.

Steven Payette. The Trevor Samuels Mysteries are unique in that reader participation is encouraged. There is a question asked at the end of each novel, and it's up to the reader to decide whether or not a character will make it into subsequent novels in the series of the veteran detective. I discovered the work of Steven Payette through his MySpace blog, that is a real Writer Resources Goldmine, with recent entries like: Warning Signs of Fraud, Defrauded by a Publisher?, How To Sell Your Novel More Than Once or The Importance of a Pre-Publication Marketing Plan.

Writers Together This is a MySpace by author C.L. Freire, and for authors across the globe. Because it is vital to be heard, the goal is to help as many authors in as many ways. So the site features authors and their work and the links to where theirs books can be purchased. It provides hundreds of links on writing in general or genre-specific, short fiction, interviews,... Or how you can do some self promoting by promoting others!

The mission of Wordplay Workshop is to gather a vast and diverse community of aspiring writers and artists in an interactive MySpace, where writers can offer honest and friendly criticism, where workshops can be hosted, improvisational poetry games, fun challenges and competitions,... A comfortable writing community designed for a new generation, that no longer idolizes a leader. So here come the battle MCs, rappers, lyricists, poetry podcasts and the spoken wordplay's!

Meet the Authors of MySpace! A profile created to show the talents of authors on MySpace, to promote new releases, to network with other writers. A new book can be spotlighted for one week with a trailer on the New Books blog, where also interviews, events, calenders are being posted.


Searching Google Earth and Ocean for Lost Islands and Cities

Atlantis... Found on Google Earth? The Sun, a UK tabloid, had an article stating someone had found the location of Atlantis using Google Earth... but Google Earth denied. Okay... But is it possible to find lost cities, islands and continents with Google?

Searching Google Earth and Ocean for Lost Islands and Cities


Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House: Letters X and XI

Letter X.

Dear Sam,

As for the noises, etc., in our family, I thank God we are now all quiet. There were some surprising circumstances in that affair. Your mother has not written you a third part of it. When I see you here, you shall see the whole account which I wrote down. It would make a glorious penny book for Jack Dunton, but while I live, I am not ambitious for anything of that nature. I think that's all, but blessings, from your loving father,

Sam Wesley.

The following letter I received at the same time, though it has no date:-

Letter XI.

Dear Brother,

I thank you for your last, and shall give you what satisfaction is in my power concerning what has happened in our family. I am so far from being superstitious that I was too much inclined to infidelity, so that I heartily rejoice at having such an opportunity of convincing myself past doubt or scruple of the existence of some beings beside those we see. A whole month was sufficient to convince anybody of the reality of the thing, and to try all ways of discovering any trick, had it been possible for any such to have been used. I shall only tell you what I myself heard, And leave the rest to others.
My sisters in the paper chamber had heard noises and told me of them, but I did not much believe, till one night, about a week after the first groans were heard, which was the beginning, just after the clock had struck ten I went downstairs to lock the doors, which I always do. Scarce had I got up the best stairs when I heard the noise like a person throwing down a vast coal in the middle of the fore kitchen, and all the splinters seemed to fly about from it. I was not much frighted, but went to my sister Suky, and we together went all over the low rooms, but there was nothing out of order.
Our dog was fast asleep, and our only cat in the other end of the house. No sooner was I got upstairs, and undressing for bed, but I heard a noise among many bottles that stand under the best stairs, just like the throwing of a great stone among them, which had broke them all to pieces. This made me hasten to bed; but my sister Hetty, who sits always to wait on my father going to bed, was still sitting on the lowest step on the garret stairs, the door being shut at her back, when soon after there came down the stairs behind her something like a man, in a loose nightgown trailing after him, which made her fly rather than run to me in the nursery.
All this time we never told our father of it, but soon after we did. He smiled and gave no answer, but was more careful than usual, from that time, to see us in bed, imagining it to be some of us young women, that sat up late and made a noise. His incredulity, and especially his imputing it to us, or our lovers, made me, I own, desirous of its continuance till he was convinced. As for my mother, she firmly believed it to be rats, and sent for a horn to blow them away. I laughed to think how wisely they were employed, who were striving half a day to fright away Jeffery, for that name I gave it, with a horn.
But whatever it was, I perceived it could be made angry. For from that time it was so outrageous, there was no quiet for us after ten at night. I heard frequently, between ten and eleven, something like the quick winding up of a jack at the corner of the room by my bed's head, just like the running of the wheels and the creaking of the iron-work. This was the common signal of its coming. Then it would knock on the floor three times, then at my sister's bed head, in the same room, almost always three together, and then stay. The sound was hollow and loud, so as none of us could ever imitate.
It would answer to my mother if she stamped on the floor and bid it. It would knock when I was putting the children to bed, just under me where I sat. One time little Kesy, pretending to scare Patty as I was undressing them, stamped with her foot on the floor, and immediately it answered with three knocks, just in the same place. It was more loud and fierce if anyone said it was rats or anything natural.
I could tell you abundance more of it, but the rest will write, and therefore it would be needless. I was not much frighted at first, and very little at last; but it was never near me, except two or three times, and never followed me, as it did my sister Hetty. I have been with her when it has knocked under her, and when she has removed has followed, and still kept just under her feet, which was enough to terrify a stouter person.
If you would know my opinion of the reason of this, I shall briefly tell you. I believe it to be witchcraft, for these reasons. About a year since there was a disturbance at a town near us that was undoubtedly witches, and if so near, why may they not reach us? Then my father had for several Sundays before its coming preached warmly against those that are called cunning men, which our people are given to; and it had a particular spite at my father.
Besides something was thrice Seen. The first time by me that was discernible. The same creature was sat by the dining-room fire one evening; when our man went into the room, it run by him, through the hall under the stairs. He followed with a candle and searched, but it was departed. The last time he saw it in the kitchen like a white rabbit, which seems likely to be some witch; and I do so really believe it to be one, that I would venture to fire a pistol at it if I saw it long enough. It has been heard by me and others since December. I have filled up all my room, and have only time to tell you I am your loving sister,

Emilia Wesley.

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The Traveling Ghost of the Headless Witch Anne Boleyn

The spirit of Henry VIII apparently sleeps peacefully... more or less (see the apparition of Hampton Court). But the two wives he executed - Anne Boleyn and Catherine Howard - still haunt the world they once lived in. This is the story of Anne Boleyn, who was believed to be guilty of treason, incest, adultery and witchcraft.

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The Ghost of Henry VIII at Hampton Court?

December 2003, a security camera at Hampton Court Palace, a huge Tudor castle near London, captures a startling image...

Security guards were unsettled to repeatedly find a fire door open when no one was apparently around. Upon checking the security tape, they were shocked by a ghostly figure, closely resembling King Henry VIII... who died in the 16th century.

Vikki Wood, speaking for the Palace, said: "We're baffled too. It's not a joke, we haven't manufactured it. We genuinely do not know who it is or what it is."

A security officer, James Faukes, called the incident "unnerving", and said they'd ruled out their costumed guides. In fact, they didn't even own a costume like the one worn by the figure on the video. "It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn't look human," Faukes said.


The Legend of the Legionnaires

The Romans occupied Britain for over 400 years. Many thousands of Roman Legionnaires lived their lives and where buried on these islands. What follows is a true account of an encounter that one man had with a long departed Roman legion...

Part I

Part II


Letters Concering Some Supernatural Disturbances at My Father's House: Letters VIII and IX

Letter VIII.


February 12.

Honoured Sir,

I have not yet received any answer to the letter I wrote some time ago, and my mother in her last seems to say that as yet I know but a very small part of the whole story of strange noises in our house. I shall be exceeding glad to have the entire account from you. Whatever may be the main design of such wonders I cannot think they were ever meant to be kept secret. If they bode anything remarkable to our family, I am sure I am a party concerned.

Your dutiful son,
S. Wesley.

Letter IX.


Dear Sister Emmy,

I wish you would let me have a letter from you about the spirit, as indeed from every one of my sisters. I cannot think any of you very superstitious, unless you are much changed since I saw you. My sister Hetty, I find, was more particularly troubled. Let me know all. Did anything appear to her?

I am your affectionate brother,
S. Wesley.

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