The Ghost of Henry VIII at Hampton Court?

December 2003, a security camera at Hampton Court Palace, a huge Tudor castle near London, captures a startling image...

Security guards were unsettled to repeatedly find a fire door open when no one was apparently around. Upon checking the security tape, they were shocked by a ghostly figure, closely resembling King Henry VIII... who died in the 16th century.

Vikki Wood, speaking for the Palace, said: "We're baffled too. It's not a joke, we haven't manufactured it. We genuinely do not know who it is or what it is."

A security officer, James Faukes, called the incident "unnerving", and said they'd ruled out their costumed guides. In fact, they didn't even own a costume like the one worn by the figure on the video. "It was incredibly spooky because the face just didn't look human," Faukes said.

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