Ancient Egyptian Hauntings

Had the spectre of an Egyptian Princess something to do with the Curse of Tutankhamen? And why was this story revealed by an occultist named "Cheiro", which is Greek for hand?

The ancient Egyptians were so obsessed with the Cult of the Dead that they turned the fruitful valley of the Nile into a Valley of Death. A soul could not enter the blessed region of Osiris unless the body remained intact in the place where he lived on earth. To violate a tomb or remove a mummy from its coffin was a terrible act of desecration. So the solemn ceremonies of the entombment included some awful curses, inscribed upon the walls of the death chambers. This also was the case in the 14th century B.C. with the splendid funeral of Tutenkhamen, an unimportant sovereign who died when he was eighteen...

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A Titanic Mummy's Curse

She lived in Ancient Egypt, in about 1600 B.C., as a high-priestess in the Temple of Amon-Ra. When she died, she was buried in a coffin with, on the outside, her image in gold and enamel. She was bought by a man named Douglas Murray, who visited Luxor many years ago. A few days later he went hunting up the Nile and the gun in his hand exploded unaccountably

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