The Epworth Rectory Poltergeist: Miss Emily Wesley's Account to her Brother John

About a fortnight after the time when, as I was told, the noises were heard, I went from my mother's room, who had just gone to bed, to the best chamber to fetch my sister Suky's candle. When I was there the windows and doors began to jar and ring exceedingly, and presently after I heard a sound in the kitchen, as if a vast stone coal had been thrown down and mashed to pieces. I went down thither with my candle, and found nothing more than usual; but as I was going by the screen, something began knocking on the other side, just even with my head. When I looked on the inside, the knocking was on the outside of it; but as soon as I could get round, it was at the inside again. I followed it to and fro several times, till at last, finding it to no purpose, and turning about to go away, before I was out of the room the latch of the back kitchen door was lifted up many times. I opened the door and looked out, but could see nobody. I tried to shut the door, but it was thrust against me, and I could feel the latch, which I held in my hand, moving upwards at the same time. I looked out again, but finding it was labour lost, clapped the door to and locked it. Immediately the latch was moved strongly up and down, but I left it, and went up the worst stairs, from whence I heard as if a great stone had been thrown among the bottles, which lay under the best stairs. However, I went to bed.
From this time I heard it every night for two or three weeks. It continued a month in its full majesty night and day. Then it intermitted a fortnight or more, and when it began again it knocked only on nights, and grew less and less troublesome, till at last it went quite away. Towards the latter end it used to knock on the outside of the house, and seemed farther and farther off, till it ceased to be heard at all.

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