Nostradamus in Orval, the Valley of Gold or... Goldenthal!

The abbey of Orval, in Belgium's Ardennes Forest, is truly a place of mystery. The name "Orval" means "Valley of Gold", Nostradamus seems to have written a number of his prophecies here, and it is possible that once there were no less than two treasures hidden: the Treasure of the Knights Templar and the War Chest of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette...

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I received this comment on the article above:

A fascinating article but more so because of how in particular it relates to stories that have been passed down through my family. Not having had the benefit of Patrick Bernauw's knowledge of Nostradamus's connection to Orval or Val D'Or, it was with some major vacuoles that I wrote about the relationship of his son, Caesar with my ancstor Yakov in the years 1588 and 1589. I knew that they had come together to perform an extremely serious mission for the Emperor Rudof II and that many of Michel de Nostradame's quatrains were essential for them to resolve the mystery, but had no idea that the alluding to Orval by Nostradamus was critical as well. You see, at the time the family title was Kahana but that has now been replaced by the Austrian surname of Goldenthal. Translated it is "Valley of Gold", the same as Orval.
As it is frequently expressed in the book "Shadows of Trinity" the coming togethter of these two individuals was not only predicted by Nostradamus before his death but he had also prepared a horoscope for the young prince Rudolf at the time in which he asked for imperial protection of his son when the time became apparent. Rudolf fulfilled this obligation almost 40 years later when during those two years of crisis it looked as if the Church would hold Caesar responsible for all the crimes that they accused his father.
What is also made crystal clear in the novel is that there are no coincidences. If Nostradamus is writing about Orval, then he also knew about his son's connection to Goldenthal. He knew of Heribert whom was connected to the Goldenthal family tree, the grandson of Theodoric who ruled from Narbonne in Southern France and whom was known as Ursus (possibly the same Ursus named in the Mysteries of Orval artice) but chronilogically out by over 100 years. The association of Heribert to the Merovingians is discussed in my book "Blood Royale" again published long before this article's discussion of any connection. The assassinatin of Dagobert is also described in Blood Royale but at the time of writing the book I had no idea that the site was close to Orval. Again another reference to how this assassination was related to Goldenthal in the future.
That Nostradamus would write of Orval's connection to Temple treasures and the Templars is no coincidence either. As one can read from my website


my family's connection to the Temple is hereditary. Once again Nostradamus is stating that "Valley of Gold" will be the defining key.
My wife's family descended from Henri Harkema, the son of Antoinne the Great b****** and Margaret Harkesdottir, is the family connection back to the Bourbon and Carolingian families of which it would appear Nostradamus was describing in reqards to his Orval quatrains. Philip the Bold was Antoinne's father and he gave his b****** son the Netherlands and Friesland to rule. The reference for the French royals to escape into the Austrian Netherlands I believe is only a reference to the continuation of lines through the Netherlands descendants and nothing further. The fact that my wife's lineage and mine came together is again one of those "Coincidences" that Nostradamus seemed to have a patent for.
Orval is gone and again coincidentally, so is the town of Goldenthal. Once located near Leipzig it now only exists in the writings of Johann Heinrich Zschokke of 1817 in German and 1833 in its English version. It is said that the town was wiped off the map by the Austrian Emperor as it was an insult to his family because of the activities of my third great grandfather surnamed Goldenthal. The people were forcibly moved and many resettled in Wisconsin, where once again they established a town named Goldenthal.
So if we are to say there are truly no coincidences and that Nostradamus knew very well what his quatrains alluded to even though we are still scrambinling five hundred years later to interpret them, then I think you will find "Shadows of Trinity" quite enlightening as you read how over a dozen of those quatrains were essential in resolving one of the greatest serial murder conspiracy mysteries of the sixteenth century.

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