Crop Circles: Alien Communications, Enlightened Spirit Messages, or Thoughtless Human Vandalism?

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Bill M. Tracer on Crop Circles:

Let me begin by being clear that I do believe in the existence of extraterrestrials, and that there is a considerable body of evidence that beings from other worlds have visited the Earth throughout history and before, and are very likely doing so even in our present day. It's just that I'm unsure about crop circles being a part of that evidence. However, if presented with sufficient compelling evidence, I'd be willing to consider it a possibility. To be further clear about this matter, let me say that there are different levels of belief. For example, to believe a thing possible is not the same as to believe a thing so. It's a matter of degree of belief, based on the amount of evidence at hand. Believing a thing so is a much stronger belief than to just believe a thing is possible. One can believe many things are possible that one does not necessarily believe to be so. Bearing that in mind, I can say that I believe it might be possible that extraterrestrials could be involved. But without a great deal more evidence, I can not say I believe that is so.

Many crop circles are known hoaxes. However, putting Doug and Dave aside there do remain a certain number of crop circles that "seem" to defy conventional hoax explanation.

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