Letter 1 of the Secret Message

There seems to be some fuzz about who could be, as a real Puppet Master, pulling the strings of some Puppets, and especially those of Chris Marlowe II. To be honest, there is a Puppet Master Team involved, and maybe you've already guessed who they are...

To prove to you all, beyond any doubt, that we - and nobody else - are forming the PM Team that's behind the Mask of Marlowe, we propose to have a rendez-vous with all those who are able to follow into our footsteps.

We will show you some vids on this blogspot; every vid has a letter in it... and these letters will eventually lead to a website, where you will find us... alive & very kicking!

Do you want to win the Price that is set on the Head of the person who is behind the Mask of Marlowe (this is done by the Lost Dutchman) you only have to keep an eye on this blogspot. And find out which letter is in this video:

It's the first letter we are looking for...

Maybe you also want to tell us, in the comments, what the treasure hunters in the video are searching for... and where precisely they are doing that. If you have something interesting to say, you will get from us a golden tip concerning the identity of Chris Marlowe II.


Dr. Lauren said...
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Dr. Lauren said...

Awe yes, the mystery continues with another word riddle, what will I discover today. Mm, Borneo. Could it Be the letter B. Would it B that simple?

Chris Stonecipher said...

I think the creator of this u-tube video could be one of the players. I think I will search on u-tube.

Chris Stonecipher said...

Lauren and Patrick (not Chris Marlowe),
I think one of the players name is Rebecca (Rademaekers) made this video and my translation of her post is that she is a private detective. Hum,
Perfect person for a murder mystery.