An Invitation, Registration Form, Personal Files and Special Tasks of : A Halloween Murder Mystery (click here for a full script!)

Invitation to a Murder Mystery Party

(Halloween, Murder Weekend, Murder Dinner…)

Your husband has a mistress, your wife is a bitch, your kids are little b’s and/or your boss has everything you have not. In short, you may be very tired of this life you’re in, so… Congratulations, you have won just what you need right now: a Murder Party with the famous maniac Michael Mayer. The main character of the Halloween movie series maniac Michael Myers was based upon this guy!… And you might even be his next victim!

Place to be (killed):
Time (of death):

Don’t forget your survival kit, including:
- A partner
- A cell phone
- A digital camera
- A flashlight
- Toiletries
- Sleeping bag and pillow

- A silver bullet, horseshoe, some garlic,…

Note: We Feed Our Victims!

PS: To commit the Perfect Murder it is essential that the attached form should be returned ASAP.

The Registration Form

This form is meant to produce “a personal file” of every player, that will be distributed to all the other players, in order to make everyone “a suspect” in the eyes of all the others.


Mobile Number / Cell Phone Number:
Person to contact in emergency:
Blood type:

Physical abnormalities
Cardiac disorders:

Psychiatric disorders:

Number of years in prison:

Number of years in a mental asylum:


Person you love (to kill) (slowly):

What would you never want to eat:

Recurring dreams:

Recurring nightmares:

What do you like to watch on TV:

Which music should not be played at your funeral:

You believe in:
Harry Potter
The Yeti
The Monster of Loch Ness
Michael Myers


Have you met one of these creatures? Where? When?

Do you believe in life after death / reincarnation / heaven / hell / nirvana

Persons you’d hate to meet in the Otherworld:

Persons you’d love to meet in the Otherworld:

Which of the following workshops you want to attend:
gunnery – poison mix – voodoo – psychology of the psychopath – how to handle the chainsaw – a theory of torture – the practice of torture – guillotine vs electric chair – throwing knives (only possible if you’re accompanied by your partner) – taxidermy

Favorite books (apart from Psycho and/or American Psycho):

Favorite movies (apart from the Halloween series):

Every player has one or more

Special Tasks

mentioned in the “Secret Document” with the Personal Files of all the other players, and meant to make every player “a suspect”.

Vanilla uses a vanilla deodorant, shower gel and shampoo; at least one other person has to see you using the vanilla deodorant. She eats vanilla pudding and/or drinks vanilla tea in front of at least two witnesses.

Rudy has to take pictures of everyone while performing his or her special task. He likes to act like a psycho and is a Halloween addict.

Two other women have to eat vanilla pudding and/or drink vanilla tea in front of at least two witnesses.

One of the men starts screaming when he hears the word “piranhas”. He has a piranhaphobia.

One of the men has to carry out an eye operation on an insect.

One of the women doesn’t want to eat something “that once lived in the water”, like crab salad or tuna salad.

Two of the women have to prepare a tuna salad.

Two of the women have to prepare meat balls.

At least one woman and one man have to be veggies.

At least one woman and one man have to decorate the house with Halloween stuff (if Halloween).

One man wants to play with the Ouija Board.

One woman has to find out what is the Golem.

Two men have to do the dishes.

One man loves to listen to horror sound effects… and produces them too.


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