The Shew-Stone of Doctor Dee

My image... or the image in the mirror which was staring at me… was looking perfectly like the wooden dolls Mr Dee had collected… or even made with his own hands. And for some terrible moments I was no longer me, but one of these dolls… and at the same time the old man with the thin white hair and beard, whispering: “My name is John and I’m eighty… My name is John and I’m pleased! Pleased to meet you!”

Click on the title and solve the Chris Marlowe II Whodunnit

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Wandering Thoughts said...

So what are these murder mystery games I've been hearing so much about? I imagine it to be something like a real-life version of the game Clue (picture the classic Clue movie), but I'm not sure what it really entails. What kinds of games are there, and how do I find people to join?