Unusual Circumstance: It all started today . . .

It all started today . . .

My name is Benjamin, and I am a paranormal investigator. In case you don't know what that is, a paranormal investigator is a person who studies, documents, and attempts to debunk or prove the existence of paranormal phenomena such as ghosts, U.F.O.s etc. At least . . . that's the way it's supposed to be.

I had to start writing this Blog because I needed people to know what I've seen . . . what I'm going to see. Everything about my studies has changed today. I'm here to tell the world the truth, and that's what this is.

It all started when I got a call from Alfred Nordmen telling me about an old abandoned house out in the forest away from peering eyes. The story goes that there was a women who lived there with her 2 year old daughter. The mother had reportedly died of measles and the baby was left alone to starve. My first thought was that this was another ordinary investigation. In and out with a few fuzzy photos, until Alfred told me about the recent death in the house.


Shining my flashlight around the room again i noticed something that I had not noticed before. A small cabinet against the far wall. Making my way over to it I opened the door. Laying on the top shelf was a small leather bound book that's edges were crumpled. The old book felt cold as I picked it up and began to flip through the pages.

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Unusual Circumstance: It all started today . . .

Bungled Burglaries: A Catalog of Misfortunes | Socyberty

And in 1971, after a reckless, drunken drive through town following his most recent robbery, Philip McCutcheon of Yorkshire, England, made his 20th appearance in court...

An exasperated judge outlined McCutcheon’s nonqualifications for a life of crime. “Whoever heard of a burglar succeeding with only one leg, a withered hand, and a glass eye? It’s time you gave it up. You are a rotten burglar. You are always being caught.”
At one time “the perfect crime” was an often used expression. But some attempts seem doomed to failure from the start, whether the result of poor planning, bad luck, inept perpetrators, or a combination thereof, some crimes deserve a lesser superlative.
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Bungled Burglaries: A Catalog of Misfortunes | Socyberty


True Crimes, by Lauren Axelrod

This is Dr. Lauren Axelrod on Friends Revolution, The Everyday Interesting:

"Where do I begin. I have been writing blogs now for over 9 months and I am loving meeting so many fantastic people. I believe that all of you already know that I was a restaurant owner, however I chose to leave before the economy got worse. I decided to go back to school to become a Doctor of Archaeology, as if my life wasn't complicated enough. My blogs are a way for me to take a break from studying mummies, and of course the scorpions running around in my shorts."
Here is an article she wrote on The Revolution of Friends Revolution: Believe it or not, my goal is to turn the Revolution into a magazine with field writers and researchers. I want to include all points of interest like Travel, Science, Music, Cultures, History, Archeology, ans so much more.
And here are some of her amazing true crime articles: The Strange Obsession of Dr. Carl Von Cosel

The story of Carl Tanzler , otherwise known as Dr. Carl Von Cosel, has to be one of the most bizarre and creepy tales of Necrophilia I have ever heard.

In 1931, a bacteriologist was working in the Marine Hospital in Key West where most of the patients had tuberculosis. He grew fond of a young women named Elena Hoyos who had been diagnosed with tuberculosis. He made romantic gestures and showered her with gifts, however the feelings were not reciprocated.

Hojos died in October 1931 at her parents home in Key West and Cosel paid for the entire funeral, even gaining permission to construct a mausoleum in the Key West Cemetery that he visited almost every night...

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Ed Gein The Wisconsin Grave Robber and Butcher of Plainfield
Terror drives men to insanity and the passion to become a monster, lurking in the shadows, like the cast of Marlowe, will allow for the darkness to fall on the sands of a quite town.

The Infamous and Bizarre Vampire of Brooklyn Albert Fish
In the 1920’s in New York City, children's bodies were turning up mutilated and dismembered in alley ways and streets all over Gotham. The residents thought the act was too gruesome for an ordinary person, so they believed it to be the work of the boogieman.

The Bizarre and Twisted Evolution of HH Holmes Castle of Horrors
By the turn of the century, the last frontier was over and America was moving from a rural to an urban society. America was replaced by uncaring cities and industry, where transients walked the streets looking for any kind of work.


Murder Ballads

mystical musings and politics presents: Murder Ballads

 Murder ballads are a notable portion of recorded medieval ballads from Scandinavia and Great Britain. In those, the victim overcomes the murderer, tricks him and stabs him to death while sleeping. Thus, justice is fulfilled, and the murderer is punished. Many of those ballads mention a row of dead brides, from seven and up to ten, until the final surviving heroine.
Often the details and locales for a particular murder ballad change as it is sung over time, reflecting the audience and the performer. For example, "Knoxville Girl" is essentially the same ballad as "The Wexford Girl" with the setting transposed from Ireland to Tennessee - the two of them are based on "The Oxford Girl", the original murder ballad set in England.
American murder ballads are often versions of older Old World ballads with any elements of supernatural retribution removed. For example, the English ballad "The Gosport Tragedy" of the 1750s had both murder and vengeance on the murderer by the ghosts of the murdered woman and her unborn baby, who call up a great storm to prevent his ship sailing before tearing him apart. In contrast, the Kentucky version, "Pretty Polly", is a stark murder ballad ending with the murder and burial of the victim in a shallow grave.
A murder ballad typically recounts the details of a mythic or true crime, who the victim is, why the murderer decides to kill him or her, how the victim is lured to the murder site and the act itself, followed by the escape and/or capture of the murderer. Often the ballad ends with the murderer in jail or on their way to the gallows, occasionally with a plea for the listener not to copy the evils committed by the singer.

Read more here + look & listen to 8 YouTube Gruesome Murder Ballads, featuring Bob Dylan, Pete Seeger, Woody Guthrie...

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A Free Halloween Murder Mystery Script

With this script, you can organize all by yourself a Murder Mystery as a Halloween Party Game, Dinner Party Game, Murder Weekend, etc. And you can play it with 10 to 30 participants... or even more!

 1. First read the back-story!

The back-story consists of a description of the main characters and the plot of this Halloween Murder Mystery. Read this first, and do it here!

2. The players are welcomed by Michael Mayer or "someone of the event office".

If you are organizing a (Halloween) Murder Weekend, they are welcomed with these words: "Welcome at Your Murder Weekend. Go immediately to your rooms and put your stuff away. You will find an envelope in your room, for your eyes only. Open it and read the message. Remember, the content is strictly personal!"
If you are organizing a (Halloween) Dinner or Party Game, they are welcomed with these words: "Welcome at Your Murder Party. Here I have an envelope with a message in it, for your eyes only. The content is strictly personal!"
The envelopes contain two "secret documents": a set of tasks he or she has to perform (and meant to make him or her a suspect) and a personal file of the other players (this can be partly true, partly fictitious, and is meant to make this player a suspect for the others).

3. Michael's Message

Dear Victims! Welcome to Your Last Supper!
To any of you who has ever dreamed of a murder mystery event with a real psycho in it, I can say this: at last... At last! AT LAST YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE HAS COME TRUE!
Yes, I've had some uh... tendencies. However, are not we all more or less... peculiar? Yes, I did like some freaky hard core SM but, apparently, I'm cured now. They have tucked me away in a mental asylum for 30 years, only because I was a fan of the Marquis de Sade. But now I'm free. Finally. They have released me, saying I was no longer an insane son of a bitch. I'm sane now. I'm safe.
And that's why I am playing now this sort of silly games society wants me to play. The shrinks want me to show up as a creepy clown, a freak out of a cabinet of curiosities, the psycho of the week. As if I don't have any feelings at all!
I can hear you think, ladies and gentlemen: it can't grow worse anymore for this poor man. Well, I have to disappoint you, but it can grow worse. I sure don't want to spoil your Murder Mystery Party with the infamous Psycho Michael Mayer, who once was the inspiration for the character of Michael Myers in the Halloween movie series... But I have to warn you: I'm in a terrible state. I've had already a few heart attacks, I'm on digitaline and a salt-free diet now, and of course that is mainly due to the stress of the recent months.
An example... You wake up in the morning, you take a look at your newspaper... and what do you see? A crazy cow has written with a marker in big red letters all over the page this one sentence: "I'm going to feed you to the piranha's, you filthy pig!"
She's on my back, you know. Vanilla Mayer. My niece. I was a sick person, back then, when I fed her mother and her father - who was my brother - to the piranha's. I am cured now. But she wants revenge, you know. She's coming for me, she's coming to get me... Last murder weekend, part of the roof came "accidentally" down on me and the weekend before, the door of the freezer section "accidentally" was closed behind me. But okay, this has to be your Murder Game... and I don't want to spoil it!
You can't believe how happy I am to find here a bunch of perfectly ordinary and normal people like you, who take their pleasure in a nice little Murder Party. Therefore I will do everything what is in my ability to have some of you murdered in a most exciting way.
"Don't bother too much that someone is trying to kill you," the doctor said. "That's bad for the heart."
Okay, but he doesn't have a psycho on his back.
Anyway, I won't bore you with my problems. After all, it's your Murder Party, not mine!
So... Enjoy your Supper! It can be the Last!

4. A Seance

After dinner the dishes are done, and then there is a seance held by Michael. Talking with the spirits is one of his hobbies. Everyone has to sit around the table together, hand in hand, staring into a candle light. You also can use a ouija-board and one or more of the other participants can bring us a message "from the spirit world". But then, suddenly, it's Suzy - Michael's sister in law who was murdered by him - who is speaking with her voice through Michael's mouth:

"Suzy!... My name is Suzy!... You talk to Suzy now, the sister in law of Michael Mayer!
Yes, I was once married to his brother Nicholas... And we were so happy!... If it was not for Michael... and his experiments on animals... we still could be very happy all together... But see, when we confronted him with his intolerable behaviour, he freaked out... He used chloroform on both Nicholas and me, and he threw us in the pond together with the flesh eating piranhas he had released there...

This happened 30 years ago... They have locked him up in a mental asylum, but not for what he had done to us, because at that point they could not prove anything... He was locked up because of some of his other experiments...
And our children grew up as orphans... Sweet little 3 year old Vanilla, and my handsome 4 year old boy Rudy... He loved his mother and father dearly... and his rabbit. And Vanilla... oh Vanilla... she always was sniffing in my neck at my vanilla perfume... She loved anything that smelled or tasted like vanilla... 

Ah, but now the Hour of Vengeance has finally arrived!... By killing their mother and father, he has ruined the lives of Vanilla and Rudy... So he has to face the final curtain and he has to face it... now! He has to die, slowly, painfully... and then he will burn forever in hell!

Tell it to him, when he, in a minute or so, comes out of his trance... Tell him the Hour of Vengeance has arrived! Let him tremble with fear, we want to hear him begging for his life down here... and then we will say to him: there can't be any mercy for Michael Mayer! No Mercy for Michael Mayer! No Mercy for..."
Michael comes out of his trance. He is not feeling well. As he gets up, he asks what has happened. When the others tell him about the message that came through, he feels even worse. Michael says he needs to rest a moment, and he goes out to get some fresh air.

5. The Disappearance of Michael Mayer

Twenty minutes later, there is a telephone call from Michael Mayer: "Come find me, ASAP! I have to go to the hospital! Come as soon as possible... But only people who are younger than 30 may come looking for me... Because either Vanilla or Rudy is in the house, and they are both aged over 30... Unless of course they work with an accomplice who..."
The players go out to search for Michael, but they don't find him.

6. The Murder of Michael Mayer

When everyone is back, there is a discussion on what exactly has happened. Then there is a phone call from "Sophie of the Event Office". She tells the participants that Michael Mayer was found along the road. His body will be taken by the police to the forensic laboratory, but it seems Michael Mayer was poisoned. There will come an inspector to the house soon, but it is important that in the meantime everyone should have expressed his or her suspicions. The conclusions can be submitted to the inspector, because clearly, the murderer of Michael Mayer has to be one of them. Therefore, no one is allowed to leave the house!
A kind of group discussion starts: anyone can say who they think has committed the murder. Who may be Vanilla... or Rudy? When the inspector arrives, everyone will give him an answer... Then he reveals the true identity of Darla and Sam... and "confessions" follow soon. Darla is indeed Vanilla Mayer and Sam - who is, in fact, Rudy Mayer - has a photo to prove that she threw "vinegar" in the salt-free soup of Michael Mayer (see also Plot of How To Produce Your Own Halloween Murder Mystery Party).

Halloween Music, Soundtracks, Sound Effects & Soundscapes:

Dancing in Hell
Lunatic and the Chainsaw
Sounds & Music for your Halloween Party
Minimal Music, Maximal Horror


Jack the Ripper's identity finally uncovered?

An historian has claimed to have discovered the real identity of Jack the Ripper, and believes the notorious Whitechapel murderer was also responsible for killing two more women. 

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Nostradamus, the Mayan Calendar and the End of the World in 2012

There are countless sites stating Nostradamus predicted the End of the World in 2012. This is nonsense, written down by people who are simply copy-pasting what others have said, without even reading the prophecies of Nostradamus... which reach until 3797, as the prophet himself said in his famous Preface to the Prophecies! 

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