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The Official Net Detective | Background Checks, People Search, Criminal Records, & So Much More! | NetDetective.net

Don't know what I have to think about this one... Sounds like a great search tool... But also like being watched by Big Brother. And what about our privacy? (And no, I don't like to enter my email address here...)

Net Detective Criminal Records

From the Page:

Whether you're just curious, trying to locate or find out about people for personal or business reasons, or you're looking for people you've fallen out of touch with - Net Detective will help you do it!

With Net Detective you will learn...

  • How to "cloak" your e-mail so your true e-mail address can't be discovered.
  • How to make phone calls through a third party so that the number called doesn't appear on your phone bill.
  • Where to find a list of speed traps throughout the USA.
  • How to check out the ETHICS and business practices of businesses worldwide, including those on the Internet.
  • Where you can get security products such as recording and tracking equipment, listening devices, mini cameras, bomb detectors and more.
  • How to locate military records from Viet Nam, Korea, WW II and more.
  • How to find Wanted FUGITIVES -- maybe your secretive neighbor.

Net Detective Can Be Used For Just About ANYTHING

  • Net Detective allows you to uncover information you want to know about your doctor, boss, friends, neighbors, lover and even yourself.
  • You can do searches on anyone in total privacy!
  • It's 100% legal and no one will know what you are doing.
  • It is simple and easy to use even for a beginner.
  • Track down or look up the facts on anyone.
  • Net Detective is used worldwide to find lost relatives, old high school and army buddies, deadbeat parents, lost loves, people that owe money and just plain old snooping around.

The Official Net Detective | Background Checks, People Search, Criminal Records, & So Much More! | NetDetective.net

Detective Grimoire

Can you solve the crime by using a little detective work? "Detective Grimoire" is a character driven mystery game. It involves searching for clues, discovering evidence, talking to witnesses and solving the mystery.

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CSI Mind Prison

Can you solve the crimes as you use your detective skills and tools to solve it? Attractive graphics, video and sound effects. You have to start an investigative dialogue!

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The Dead Case Game

Explore a haunted town - as a ghost - and solve the mystery of your own death... A "hurror" mystery game ("hurror" = "humor" + "horror") created by Zachary Shaffer. 

"It was dark... Very dark... But then... you expect that in a buried coffin, don't you?"

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Man marries video game girlfriend !

A Japanese man has just married his girlfriend, Nene Anegasaki.

Here’s the catch: Nene is a video game character from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus.
The wedding took place during a Make: Japan meet-up held at the Tokyo Institute of Technology. In attendance were a live audience, an MC, the bride’s virtual video game girlfriend — who made a speech — and a real human priest.
The groom, who calls himself “SAL 9000″, reportedly had a string of anime girlfriends before Nene.
LovePlus seems to hook its players more than other dating sims. BoingBoing previously wrote about a woman whose husband “Koh” confessed to being “hooked” on his high-school, virtual girlfriend from Love Plus.

Man marries video game girlfriend ! | Our world - animals, beautiful nature, techics, hi-tech, auto, national geographic, discovery


What Gaming Meant to Business

Imagine working in an environment where playing games was encouraged. If certain software companies have their way this will be a reality in the future office environment. New employees would receive their training through virtual scenario games. Information sharing would take place in a similar environment to Web 2.0. And employees would receive points based on their performance. Spending a day at the office has the potential to become more interactive.

Full article here!


Storytron... or Interactive Storytelling

You can read a book, watch a movie, play a video game... and now you can enjoy a "storyworld" too. Computer game designer Chris Crawford has teamed with science fiction writer Laura J. Mixon to found Storytron, a company devoted to the creation and publication of works of "interactive storytelling".

"Storyworlds" is a new form of computer entertainment, with - not necessarily professional - storytellers scripting their own sets of Actors, Stages and Props. Players engage with the Actors and explore a wide range of choices and behavior in the dramatically rich environment developed by the storyworld author. 

Think of your favorite story in a book or a comic, a movie or a TV show... and then imagine you are the protagonist who chooses what has to happen next. Do you prefer to be a sweetheart or a jerk, to gossip or to be discreet, to have your way through force, subtlety, or compromise? Do you seek romance or do you concentrate on other goals, do you want to avenge wrongs or forgive them? It's all up to you. 

In a "storytronic storyworld", you are not walking down a predetermined path, or manipulating puppets. The characters you meet are intelligent, feeling beings, with their own ideas and agendas. Every time you make a choice, they are evaluating you, and making decisions on how to respond. 

"Storytron" is about gaming, enjoying stories... and people. It's the ancient art of storytelling in a new and interactive medium. Currently www.storytron.com has one demo running: Balance of Power-21st Century, a sequel to Chris Crawford's blockbuster hit from the early days of computer games, focusing on geopolitical, military and economic strategy. (Indeed, strategic storyworlds have broad application in training and entertainment.)

Ultimately, the Storytron website has to grow into "a bazaar, with a wide variety of storyworlds for sale and a thriving community built around them.  Romance, magic, science fiction, drama, adventure, mystery--any genre you have experienced in traditional form--is possible with Storytronics."



Alternate Reality Game: Ever Dreamt of This Man?

Every night and all over the world thousands of people are seeing This Man in their dreams:

If his face appears in your dreams too or if you have information to identify This Man,  you are kindly invited to contact This Website.

Is This Man an Archetype, a SuperNatural Being, a ParaNormal Dream Surfer?
Is This Man a sample of viral marketing, just another alternate reality game... or both? 
Is This Man perhaps something creepier? Like, let's say, an experiment in mind control, in thought and/or dream manipulation?

New York, January 2006. The patient of a well-known shrink draws the face of This Man, who has been repeatedly visiting her… in her dreams. Though she has never met This Man before, he gives her all sorts of advice on private matters. The drawing lies forgotten for some days on the desk of the psychiatrist, until another patient recognizes the face of This Man, that has often appeared in his dreams. He also says he has never seen This Man in his waking life…

The shrink sends the drawing to some of his colleagues with patients who have recurrent dreams. Four patients recognize the portrait as that of the frequent visitor in their dreams. They all refer to him as “This Man”. From early 2006 until today, more than 2000 people in many cities all over the world, have claimed This Man appeared in their dreams:




There seems to be no common trait or ascertained relation among these people, and until today no man has been recognized as This Man…


Several theories have already been developed to explain the mysterious phenomenon. 
Is This Man, according to the psychoanalytic theory of Carl Gustav Jung, an archetypical image that surfaces in times of hardship? 
Is This Man one of the forms in which God is manifesting Himself today? 
Is This Man a real person who can enter people’s dreams, thanks to his very specific paranormal skills? 
Is there a mental conditioning plan behind This Man, developed by a major corporation? 
Can the phenomenon be explained by the “dream imitation theory”, whereby people become so deeply impressed that they also begin to see This Man in their dreams? 
Is the image of This Man an instrument which facilitates recognition in our waking life, because of its undefined oneirical nature? 

One thing is for sure, the domain name of This Man’s website is registered by Andrea Natella, the director of an Italian advertising agency (*). Is This Man, in other words, an unconventional form of advertising? Does This Man have a hidden marketing agenda? Is This Man a demonstration of how things go viral? Is This Man the name of a new alternate reality game?

 We'll keep you informed!

(*) See also http://guerrigliamarketing.it and http://www.rhizome.org/discuss/view/26577

Born in Italy in 2003, Guerrigliamarketing.it is an advertising agency that uses non-conventional communication techniques, like the creation of fictitious events or campaigns reaching the limits of legality, through which they “fuck the market in order to enter it”.