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Mafia Wars – is the multiplayer browser game in danger of creating millions of new gaming junkies, content to spend their time competing against others in a kind of awful online infinite loop or just a harmless bit of fun to while away the hours? One player muses...

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Mafia Wars – to those not part of the close to thirty million users of the online multi-player game the term may be nothing more than a passing reference to a time in history or one of the multitude of movies made about these clandestine organizations. Yet to those involved in the game itself it can be one of several things. Firstly it can be just a harmless way to spend a few hours. Those a little more involved may find themselves taking the role play seriously. Others could be seen as being in danger of complete addiction and revolving their life completely around the game. Which category do you fall in to?

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Mafia Wars:Awful Online Infinite Loop or Harmless Fun? | Webupon

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