A Brief History of Batman

 By MJ Sunderland 

The influence of pulp fiction spread to comic books. Modern-day superheroes were inspired by the early pulp characters. For example, Batman was created in 1939 by Bob Kane and Bill Finger.

Batman was heavily influenced by the Shadow. The Shadow was an unusually dark hero, a former criminal turned crime-fighter who retains an insight into the criminal mind. The tagline for the Shadow read ‘Who knows what evil lurks within the hearts of men? Only the Shadow knows.’ This was a major influence on Batman.
Batman is a dark avenger who uses the image of the bat to terrify criminals, whom he describes as ‘a superstitious, cowardly lot’. Batman was much grittier and more urban than any other comic of its time. It’s set in Gotham City and the word ‘Gotham’ actually means a huge, oppressive city. Batman writer Dennis O’Neil said that ‘Batman’s Gotham City is Manhattan below Fourteenth Street at eleven minutes past midnight on the coldest night in November.’
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A Brief History of Batman | Telewatcher


Quidditch World Cup

Little spectator “flies” on a magic broom Harry Potter during the 4 World Cup Quidditch in New York, held on 13 November. (EMMANUEL DUNAND / AFP / Getty Images)

As it turned out that the fictional, invented from scratch the game has become very real sport? In Quidditch played in 400 colleges, and recently held its fourth World Cup in this fabulous sport. Quidditch, which is an interesting combination of many elements of rugby, field hockey and running with disabilities, came up with an English writer JK Rowling, to give children and adults to the magical world of Harry Potter. In the real world for the first time began to play Quidditch Middlebury College students. The only thing that distinguishes them from the book’s characters, is that they do not fly on broomsticks. Below is a selection of photos from the 4 th World Cup Quidditch, which was held in New York’s Park in De Witt Clinton, 13 and 14 November.

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Quidditch World Cup


Phantoms of Bruges-la-Morte

So go with me on a crazy little Ghost City Hunt… Find those Phantoms, exorcise them… and be rewarded! Follow me down into… Bruges-la-Morte!

But watch out... Don't lose your head!

We are searching for one particular, very haunted house, here in Bruges-la-Morte. We need the the name of the street and the address of this house. During a number of seances with the Ouija board, a medium has made contact with the spirit world and has received some orders and coded messages...

Phantoms of Bruges-la-Morte is both a Ghost City Trip and a Ghost City Game...

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Free List of 400 Book Publishers and Book Editors for First Fiction and First-Time Novelists

Book Publishers: First Novels
Book Editors: Debut Novels

Business Book Editors / Children's Book Editors / Cookbook Editors
Health Book Editors / Reference & Humor Book Editors
Religious & Inspirational Book Editors / Sports Book Editors

Beginning novelists often type phrases like book publisher, novel editor, novel publishers, find a book publisher, book publishers, find a novel publisher, first novels, editing novels, book publishing, first novel publishers, editors of novels, how do I find a publisher for my novel, first novel editors, writing novels, novel writing, or new novel publishers into search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Microsoft Live. What comes up when you do that? Vanity or POD publishers all over the first page, all promising to publish your first novel fast, as long as you pay them. Well, this list is different.
These book editors listed below work for real book publishers, and they have bought first novels from new authors within the past two years. And they paid the author for the rights! If you're looking for a real book publisher for your novel (not a POD publisher, vanity publisher, subsidy publisher, or other pay-for-it publisher), you have found the right place.
For success stories of first-time novelists, click here.
All 400+ book editors listed below have, at least once, bought the rights to first novels by unknown novelists or nonfiction writers (editors who we know have bought more than one first novel are bolded larger). Most editors do not accept unsolicited manuscripts. They prefer to deal with agents. For a list of 400 agents who have handled debut novels, see the ordering information below for the list of literary agents. Do not submit a novel to a book publisher without first finding out what kind of novels they publish.
Please let us know if any of the following editor names, book publisher addresses, phone numbers, emails, etc. change. That's one way we can keep this up-to-date for everyone. Email: JohnKremer@BookMarket.com.

Literary, Subsidiary, & Foreign Rights Agents - If you want to contact the best literary agents for your novel or nonfiction book, this listing of more than 1,375 literary agents will allow you to target just the right agent for your book. This report also includes 375 agents that sell foreign rights and another 50 or so that handle subsidiary rights sales. Also includes a sample foreign rights contract. Only $30.00.

"The old traditional way of getting an agent is the best way to get published. It really is the way we get most of our material." - Louise Burke, publisher, Gallery and Pocket Books
Learn how to submit to book publishers before sending them anything. Do not send an entire manuscript. Send a query letter or book proposal. Read one of the books: Michael Larson's How to Write a Book Proposal, Jeff Herman's Write the Perfect Book Proposal, W. Terry Whalin's Book Proposals That Sell: 21 Secrets to Speed Your Success, or Stephen Mettee's The Fast-Track Course on How to Write a Non-Fiction Book Proposal.

Free List of 400 Book Publishers and Book Editors for First Fiction and First-Time Novelists

Flash Games. The Great, the Odd, the Wacky | RGB Agent - Web Design Intelligence

Flash Games. The Great, the Odd, the Wacky
Metal Slug

Have you ever heard about something that’s called a game addiction? I’m sure you have but this time we mean something really entertaining and funny. We as people who are addicted to web technologies want to show you how diverse the power of Flash technology is. You have surely heard of and seen a lot of websites based on Flash, you may know that Flash is what brings us the web video. And today we’re showing you the collection of outstanding and interesting online Flash games of various genres – even the weirdest ones. Maybe you’ll find our classification a little bit weird but we believe that all games from our list are worth being played. So here you’ll find next types of online Flash Games:
Flash Games. The Great, the Odd, the Wacky | RGB Agent - Web Design Intelligence


Where to find free HTML5 games | FairerPlatform

The first time we looked at HTML5 gaming you could count the lot on your fingers. This time around, though, you’ll need a lot more digits than your current 20 to reckon them all and quality has improved by leaps n’ bounds. Now, from arcade and strategy (FreeCiv, baby) to puzzle and card games, HTML5 has matured rapidly.
— Three score or so games across 10 categories, including arcade, multiplayer* and shooter, and everything’s free. Highlights include HTML5 Blackjack, Gameboy Emulator, Space Invaders and FreeCiv*.
— A set of libraries, tools and presets to create pixelated indie-style 8/16-bit era games in Javascript that runs in your browser without any Flash plugin, making use of a small small small subset of the HTML5 features.
Where to find free HTML5 games | FairerPlatform


Mystery Weekend or City Game in Mons, Belgium

Myebook - The Mystery of Mons - click here to open my ebook

A mystery weekend and a city game in Mons, Belgium. From the Angels to the Hell Hound of Mons: a World War One Experiment with Black Propaganda… Pass the test, discover the secrets of the secret agents of the First World War, and maybe you too will become an expert in “psychological operations” (PSYOPS), deception and disinformation!

If you want to play this game at home or have a mystery weekend in the city of Mons, organised by us, then send us an email and we will provide you with all the details, solutions, and prices.


A Murder Mystery Game in the Golden Valley Guesthouse


Early in the morning, not so long ago, a visitor to the old Abbey of Orval discovered a corpse in the ruins. The head of Paul Schoeman was in a pool of water and his neck was disfigured by a bright red weal. ..

Paul Schoeman was the producer of the semi-historical documentary serial Mysterious Belgium. Patrick Bernauw published three historical faction thrillers about his work, also in a mix of facts and fiction. One of his books is Nostradamus in Orval, about the so-called prophecies of Nostradamus which are in fact containing a code to find The Fortune of the Bourbons. This ‘War Chest’ of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette disappeared in the Abbey of Orval during the French Revolution…

Nostradamus in Orval, a historical faction thriller written by Patrick Bernauw, about the producer of a historical tv-serial who was murdered...

Nostradamus in Orval, a historical faction thriller written by Patrick Bernauw, about the producer of a historical tv-serial who was murdered...
Full article, by The Lost Dutchman:

 A Murder Mystery Game in the Golden Valley Guesthouse


Fairy Tale Guesthouse in Medieval Bruges

Guesthouse Nuit Blanche (that's French, and it means "white night", or "sleepless night") leads you straight into another time and another place. It's like stepping through a magic mirror, from your own well known and modern 21th century city, into the old city of Bruges (in Flanders, Belgium)... And further still, into the mirage of a medieval "Bruges-la-Morte", this Magical City of Phantoms and Fantastic Fairy Tales...

Fairy Tale Guesthouse in Medieval Bruges


Kindle Not Only Way to Read E-books | Quazen

 Kindle Not Only Way to Read E-books

E-books are gaining in popularity, but many readers don’t realize they do not have to have an e-reader, such as the Kindle or Nook, to read e-books. There are other options available, some of them even free.
People tell me all the time they would read one of my e-books, except they don’t have a Kindle or a Nook.
Then I have to explain to them they don’t have to have a Kindle or other dedicated e-reading device to be able to read e-books. There are many ways to read e-books without owning an e-reader.
The easiest way to read e-books is with your PC. That’s right, the very item you are using to read this can also be used to read e-books. And in most cases it’s free (though you still have to pay for any books your want, but some of those are free as well).
How do you read e-books on a PC?
Full article by jharmon  :
Kindle Not Only Way to Read E-books | Quazen


Mperience: Seize the Energy of Artistic Content

Mperience: Seize the Energy of Artistic Content


Quote startExperience the immersion in a world of contagious ideas, where you will be able to unveil and seize the creative energy of artistic content that you love.Quote end
(PRWEB) July 12, 2010
How it works.
On Mperience you can easily connect and share in a brand new way movies, tv-series, music, art, and books. Therefore Mperience allows you to blend videos of artistic content with your own words, simply creating short stories called Memes that you can spread to a wide audience by a simple click. Through Memes, Mperience establishes a new form of storytelling with a high level of entertainment.
The project of Mperience platform is based on an innovative Recommender System which extracts themes and emotions expressed in each story, allowing an optimal match between content, products and users profiles. The platform is already able to analyze the Memes compared to more than 100,000 artistic content, including 54,000 movies, 28,000 books and more than 18,000 painters, sculptors, photographers, and architects.
Mperience was founded in December 2009 by Paolo Baronci, Francesco Carusi and Guido Gigante, who share a common passion for art, cinema and computational neuroscience. It took three years to develop the entire Mperience Project.
At the end of February 2010 Mperience received $230k in Angel funding.
Register to Mperience and have a unique entertainment experience.
Mperience: Seize the Energy of Artistic Content


The Curfew

The Curfew is an adventure web-game created by Littleloud, published by Channel 4 and written by acclaimed comic book author, Kieron Gillen.

Set in 2027 in the heart of an authoritarian security state, The Curfew could be described as a miniature Canterbury Tales set in a not-so-distant future, where citizens must abide by government security measures and 'sub citizens' are placed under curfew at night.
The player must navigate this complex political world and engage with the characters they meet along the way to work out who they should trust in order to gain freedom.
Choose wisely and you could change the course of history. Choose poorly, and it'll be changed for you.

The Curfew: Worth Staying In For.
The Curfew


Optical Illusions That Trigger Your Brain - Do While

 Can you see different things in one photo? If you can then you most probably have a good eye for details and that concentrated... 

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Murder without escape

Suspicion of Murder

· The Cases
    · Murder w/o escape
       · Awards
       · Background
       · Opinions
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    · The swamp House
    · The missing Link
    · The last curtain
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Murder without escape

Difficulty: average
Length: short
Awards · Opinions 
In a lonely mansion a murder happens during a family celebration. Immediately after the last scream, the butler enters the room. But he finds only the victim. Strangled. How could the murderer escape?
Expose the murderer, before there are more victims:

 Murder without escape


Detective and Mystery Games Online

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Game
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Game
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
A whole series of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries!

The first is an atmospheric and creepy mystery game that begins in the Egyptian wing of the British Museum. A man is found wandering mad with fear and talking about curses and mummies. Can you as the great detective Sherlock Holmes piece together what has happened by finding the clues in that huge and gloomy place?


MORE GAMES HERE: Detective and Mystery Games Online

The Angels of Mons

 A City Game/Mystery Weekend in Mons, Belgium

Contact Us Here:

The Hell Hound of Mons... Fact or Fiction?


A fascinating legend emerged from World War One
in a book that was published two years after the
Great War.
Civilian skeptics laughed at the soldiers’ tales of the murderous giant hound of No Man’s Land, but to the soldiers it was a gruesome reality…

The Angels of Mons... Fact or Fiction?

In 1930, the British newspaper The Daily News had a story that first was published by a New York newspaper. If a former member of the Imperial German Intelligence Service was to be believed, British troops had in 1914 really seen what they called
The Angels of Mons...

CENTRAL GAME SITE: The Angels of Mons


F-R-A-C-T-A-L * N-O-V-E-L-S

F-R-A-C-T-A-L * N-O-V-E-L-S

A collaborative art project where the story can branch in a thousand directions.

Helium Moons (x-84.y3)
Jun 29
Contributor: Joseph Beardsley
“That’s it.” The Captain leaned in, gloved hands coming up against the hull of the unsuspecting airship as his scow pulled up beneath.
“Hear that, lads?” He grinned, showing off a mouth of broken and yellowed teeth. “She’s soft. Not more than three inch, I’d say.” One hand slid down the polished length of the hull as the Captain pressed his ear against the wood, held his breath. “She practically sings money!” His eyes flicked to one of the swarthy, dirty men crouching in the darkness at his boots. “Fetch the drill! We drain this pretty sow tonight and take all we can carry!”
F-R-A-C-T-A-L * N-O-V-E-L-S


Indie Game Review: Cottage of Doom | Gameolosophy


Indie Game Review: Cottage of Doom

Published by Timothy Dumont Jr. on June 20, 2010 in Total Club Manager

A Review of the Indie game Cottage of Doom, found on the great games experiment.

What does several young adults in a cottage need? Zombies! However, after the only girl among them is attacked and his friend goes running upstairs. The hero of this piece is left with a shotgun and a few flimsy pieces of furniture to use as barricades. Who wouldn’t love that? We’ve seen it in hundreds of Zombie movies and have found that most of the games have been somewhat lacking in the, “Holed up in building battling a horde of Zombies” aspect.

Cottage of Doom gives us exactly that.

Cottage of Doom set out to do a job, make a survival horror Zombie game that stuck true to those Zombie movies of old, and they succeeded. Three kids trapped in a house with tons of Zombies just itching for a way in is an amazing replica of all the zombie scenarios we want to see. Oh, Did I mention TONS OF ZOMBIES . . .

Indie Game Review: Cottage of Doom | Gameolosophy


The Mystery of Mons, a city game / mystery weekend

by Patrick Bernauw 

A mystery game in the city of Mons, Belgium. From the Angels to the Hell Hound of Mons: a World War One Experiment with Black Propaganda… Or what we would call now: PSYOPS!

August 1974. Richard Evans was found dead in a city park of Mons, Belgium. In his hands: a polaroid, showing  a strange hippie girl…

And then, in a secret compartment in the house of the late Richard Evans, his grandson discovered a series of photographs showing each time the girl of the polaroid, dated from August 1914 to 1964.

It appears that during the First World War, Richard Evans worked as an agent for the British secret service and probably was in experiments with “black propaganda”, which eventually would lead to some of the greatest myths of the Great War, such as:

The Angels of Mons

 The Hell Hound of Mons

This mystery game/city game has to be played in the city of Mons, Belgium, with a “photo-graphic novel” created by Marc Borms and myself. You can contact us through this blog,and we’ll organize a mystery weekend for you in Mons!

Pass the test and discover the secrets of the secret agents of the First World War, and maybe you too will become an expert in “psychological operations” (PSYOPS), deception and disinformation!

Unveil the many mysteries of Mons and unravel the riddles of history!


Can Writers Make a Living From Short Stories Alone? | Writinghood

Can Writers Make a Living From Short Stories Alone?

by jharmon
Once upon a time, short story writers were king. Then came the long drought of decades upon decades. With electronic publishing, could that drought finally be over for good?
Not too long ago, literally a matter of a year or two, the question would have been ludicrous. Can fiction writers make a living from short stories?
A half century or more ago, there were some authors who were fortunate enough to make a living from short stories. O. Henry comes to mind, even Robert E. Howard, and any number of genre writers from the 1920s through about the early 1950s. That was roughly the time period when lots and lots of readers turned to magazines and other printed periodicals for entertainment. Detective stories were popular, as were some fantasy and Westerns and romance writings.
Full article:
Can Writers Make a Living From Short Stories Alone? | Writinghood


23 Beautiful Curtain Designs | Smashing Center

23 Beautiful Curtain Designs
Window is an eye of living-room. How to decorate it?
Get some ideas form following curtain designs and take actions to decorate the eyes of your living-room now!

Beautiful Curtain Design
Psycho Mad Mother Curtain, Now the world’s most famous movie scene can be reenacted in your bathroom.

Beautiful Curtain Design
Bloody Curtain, Shower curtain with blood spattered design that will make your guests scream in terror each time they visit the bathroom.
23 Beautiful Curtain Designs | Smashing Center



Creativeness in a can.


Well, here you are some screen shots from the next game I plan to bring out which, incidentally, is the first game that I have ever introduced to the public. It's a comedy bullet hell shump in which you are competing for the highest score. Why highest score? Well, because this has no final level, besides the level you die at. The game gets increasingly hard as you go and soon you'll find that your upgrades won't help you so much.

20 Most Hilarious Movie Poster Remakes - Chill Out Point - Funny images and artwork

 Funniest Movie Poster Remakes

Have you ever wondered what would you get if you took a character from one blockbuster movie and make a poster for another movie featuring that character? Let’s say you mix different, irreconcilable genres (horror and comedy, thriller and romance), or take celebrities to star in your favorite movie or just add your own creative touch to the movie poster.The outcome would be the funniest movie poster ever!
See this amazing gallery of 20 most hilarious movie poster remakes:
20 Most Hilarious Movie Poster Remakes - Chill Out Point - Funny images and artwork


Will Dna Cloning Finally Reveal Jack The Ripper’s True Identity?

An article querying whether new advancements in DNA profiling will be able to finally reveal the true identity of the notorious Jack The Ripper?

At the time of writing this article, it is 122 years since the terrible Jack the Ripper murders were committed in Whitechapel, in the East End of London.
The horrific murders were so violent and disturbing that the inhabitants and newspapers of London were morbidly fascinated, and thus the Jack the Ripper legend was born.

There were 11 unsolved murders that took place between the period of 1888 & 1891 (the reign of Jack the Ripper), but only 5 are believed to be the true work of Jack.

Full story:
Will Dna Cloning Finally Reveal Jack The Ripper’s True Identity? | Socyberty
by Olivia Van Logum


Inside a Serial Killer's House - Photo Gallery, 23 Pictures - LIFE


Inside the Home of a Serial Killer

Inside the Home of a Serial Killer

Of all the best-known American serial killers, none has had a greater cultural impact than Ed Gein, the Wisconsin maniac whose rein of terror began in 1947. Shortly after his arrest in 1957, LIFE sent photographers to Plainfield, Wis., where Gein passed most of his troubled existence, and documented the riveting details about his case as they unfolded. A warning for our more sensitive readers: Things become fairly grisly ahead.
In this photo: Ed Gein
Photo: Frank Scherschel./Time & Life Pictures/Getty Images
Nov 20, 1957
Inside a Serial Killer's House - Photo Gallery, 23 Pictures - LIFE


How to Sell the Eiffel Tower (Twice)

Wouldn’t it be great if you could pick any building in the world and sell it with out having to own it? Well, that’s what Victor Lustig did in 1925. He sold the Eiffel tower, not just once, but twice within two months!!!

To understand how he did that, we have to know a bit about Victor Lustig...

eiffel tower03

Victor discovered his talents to charm and persuade while still a young man. He spoke multiple languages and people liked him. Pretty soon he could talk his way into almost anything. He started with small scams for pocket change and quickly developed a taste for it. He sharpened his skills to the point where he evolved into a smooth talking, confidence man. In order associate himself with wealthy people, he began frequenting the same places as they did. One of which was on the ocean liners between Europe and America. Onboard, he would pose as a free spending, wealthy businessman. He would quickly make friends among the passengers and seek out the wealthiest and most vulnerable to his scams. When his new friends felt comfortable with him and the talk turned to money, he would grudgingly reveal the secret of his wealth, his “money box”. The money box was a skilfully crafted mahogany box with brass dials and internal rollers which he claimed could duplicate hundred dollar bills. He demonstrated by inserting a real bill along with a paper blank into slots at one end of the box and then, after a six hour “chemical reaction” time, he would pull two real bills out of the other end.

This kind of scam requires a lot of psychology and Victor was excellent at sizing up his marks:

How to Sell the Eiffel Tower (Twice)


New Murder Mystery: Paris Connections - To Be Released: May 2010


Fashion Week. The excitement. The glamour. The frantic pace and the frantic press. The beautiful dresses and the beautiful people. The money. The luxury. The dream. Then everything changes.

The night after a big show by one of the collection of labels owned by the Russian oligarch Alexi Borinski a stunning model is savagely attacked and killed. Strangled with a rope as she walks home. The news media goes wild.


Madison Castelli, a smart and savvy investigative reporter working for Manhattan Magazine is on her usual morning run. Her phone rings. Her best friend, Paris show-biz reporter Natalie de Berge is anxious to fill her in on the shocking news. The strangled model had featured in a recent exposé by Madison and unable to resist a good story coupled with a sense of responsibility, Madison boards a plane to Paris.

To be released: May 2010.

Nicole Steinwedell, Charles Dance, Hudson Leick, Trudie Styler, Caroline Chikezie, Anthony Delon
Script by:
Jackie Collins
Produced by:
Amber Entertainment


What caused the W32 Nimda virus?


In the months before and after September 11, 2001, the United States was bombarded with cyber attacks. In July of 2001, a worm was observed on computers running Microsoft's IIS (Internet Information Services) web server. The worm spread using a common type of vulnerability known as a buffer overflow. It did this by using a long string of the repeated character 'N' to overflow a buffer, allowing the worm to execute arbitrary code and infect the machine. On July 19, 2001, the amount of infected hosts reached over 350,000 zombies. It was discovered by U.S. intelligence that a coordinated attack was being made against the U.S. Governments servers.
At a specific time all of the infected computers were going to send multiple pings towards the U.S. Governments server, which could cause grave damage. The plan was discovered and the servers were successfully shut down during the attack. In August of 2001, a second computer worm was released on the internet. It received the name Code Red II. The original worm tried to infect computers at random, Code Red II tried to infect machines on the same subnet as the infected machine. The source of these computer viruses remains a mystery.

Read More:

10 Bizarre Locations & Unsolved Mysteries


I, Psychopath | Watch Free Documentary Online

I, Psychopath

I, PsychopathPsychopaths… we usually only know them from Hollywood movies. We never expect them to enter our real life. But, the psychopath is closer than you think. Experts believe their number to be as high as one in a hundred. Most of them function incognito in high-powered professions…all the way to the very top.
But… it takes one to truly know one. In this intriguing documentary, Sam Vaknin, a self-proclaimed psychopath, goes in search of a diagnosis...

I, Psychopath | Watch Free Documentary Online