The Bill Star to Play in New Brit Thriller Movie "The Stone"

Tony Scannell, aka Ted Roach from The Bill, will be appearing in the new British psychological thriller, The Stone, being shot in the new year. The Director and screenwriter, Philip Gardiner, said he was over the moon at casting Tony who was "a damned good actor."

The full production team will launch into the film in the middle of a British winter and it will feature over 100 Druids, a whole host of British celebs and cameos from some very famous people.

"We’ll be getting the film to Festivals around the world before we decide on exactly what happens with it next, but having the special effects guys from Shaun of the Dead and other great movies, not to mention the fantastic make-up, costume, set design and artistic directors we have, I can’t wait to be honest." said Gardiner.

This will be Gardiner’s first foray into the world of Directing a movie instead of documentaries. It’s also a long way from his Sky TV chat show and the books he’s written, but he says, "it’s a logical progression for me really."

The production companies, Reality Films and Magi Multi Media, will also be releasing a soundtrack album for the film which will feature some great new artists such as Corjan and James Earnshaw, the musical director on the project, as well as some established bands. Dozens of world famous authors will also be appearing in the movie for a special secret element to the film that Gardiner says, "is sure to give the film a cult status in many genres. Not to mention some fantastic up and coming actors such as John Symes, who is just a gem."

"The hardest thing about all this is the organisation, which is why it's nice to have a great team on board, I've never had one assistant director before, let alone three."

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