New Murder Mystery: Paris Connections - To Be Released: May 2010


Fashion Week. The excitement. The glamour. The frantic pace and the frantic press. The beautiful dresses and the beautiful people. The money. The luxury. The dream. Then everything changes.

The night after a big show by one of the collection of labels owned by the Russian oligarch Alexi Borinski a stunning model is savagely attacked and killed. Strangled with a rope as she walks home. The news media goes wild.


Madison Castelli, a smart and savvy investigative reporter working for Manhattan Magazine is on her usual morning run. Her phone rings. Her best friend, Paris show-biz reporter Natalie de Berge is anxious to fill her in on the shocking news. The strangled model had featured in a recent exposé by Madison and unable to resist a good story coupled with a sense of responsibility, Madison boards a plane to Paris.

To be released: May 2010.

Nicole Steinwedell, Charles Dance, Hudson Leick, Trudie Styler, Caroline Chikezie, Anthony Delon
Script by:
Jackie Collins
Produced by:
Amber Entertainment

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