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Indie Game Review: Cottage of Doom

Published by Timothy Dumont Jr. on June 20, 2010 in Total Club Manager

A Review of the Indie game Cottage of Doom, found on the great games experiment.

What does several young adults in a cottage need? Zombies! However, after the only girl among them is attacked and his friend goes running upstairs. The hero of this piece is left with a shotgun and a few flimsy pieces of furniture to use as barricades. Who wouldn’t love that? We’ve seen it in hundreds of Zombie movies and have found that most of the games have been somewhat lacking in the, “Holed up in building battling a horde of Zombies” aspect.

Cottage of Doom gives us exactly that.

Cottage of Doom set out to do a job, make a survival horror Zombie game that stuck true to those Zombie movies of old, and they succeeded. Three kids trapped in a house with tons of Zombies just itching for a way in is an amazing replica of all the zombie scenarios we want to see. Oh, Did I mention TONS OF ZOMBIES . . .

Indie Game Review: Cottage of Doom | Gameolosophy

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