The Mystery of Mons, a city game / mystery weekend

by Patrick Bernauw 

A mystery game in the city of Mons, Belgium. From the Angels to the Hell Hound of Mons: a World War One Experiment with Black Propaganda… Or what we would call now: PSYOPS!

August 1974. Richard Evans was found dead in a city park of Mons, Belgium. In his hands: a polaroid, showing  a strange hippie girl…

And then, in a secret compartment in the house of the late Richard Evans, his grandson discovered a series of photographs showing each time the girl of the polaroid, dated from August 1914 to 1964.

It appears that during the First World War, Richard Evans worked as an agent for the British secret service and probably was in experiments with “black propaganda”, which eventually would lead to some of the greatest myths of the Great War, such as:

The Angels of Mons

 The Hell Hound of Mons

This mystery game/city game has to be played in the city of Mons, Belgium, with a “photo-graphic novel” created by Marc Borms and myself. You can contact us through this blog,and we’ll organize a mystery weekend for you in Mons!

Pass the test and discover the secrets of the secret agents of the First World War, and maybe you too will become an expert in “psychological operations” (PSYOPS), deception and disinformation!

Unveil the many mysteries of Mons and unravel the riddles of history!

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