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 Can you see different things in one photo? If you can then you most probably have a good eye for details and that concentrated... 

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Murder without escape

Suspicion of Murder

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Murder without escape

Difficulty: average
Length: short
Awards · Opinions 
In a lonely mansion a murder happens during a family celebration. Immediately after the last scream, the butler enters the room. But he finds only the victim. Strangled. How could the murderer escape?
Expose the murderer, before there are more victims:

 Murder without escape


Detective and Mystery Games Online

Sherlock Holmes Mystery Game
Sherlock Holmes Mystery Game
The Lost Cases of Sherlock Holmes
A whole series of Sherlock Holmes Mysteries!

The first is an atmospheric and creepy mystery game that begins in the Egyptian wing of the British Museum. A man is found wandering mad with fear and talking about curses and mummies. Can you as the great detective Sherlock Holmes piece together what has happened by finding the clues in that huge and gloomy place?


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The Angels of Mons

 A City Game/Mystery Weekend in Mons, Belgium

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The Hell Hound of Mons... Fact or Fiction?


A fascinating legend emerged from World War One
in a book that was published two years after the
Great War.
Civilian skeptics laughed at the soldiers’ tales of the murderous giant hound of No Man’s Land, but to the soldiers it was a gruesome reality…

The Angels of Mons... Fact or Fiction?

In 1930, the British newspaper The Daily News had a story that first was published by a New York newspaper. If a former member of the Imperial German Intelligence Service was to be believed, British troops had in 1914 really seen what they called
The Angels of Mons...

CENTRAL GAME SITE: The Angels of Mons