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 Kindle Not Only Way to Read E-books

E-books are gaining in popularity, but many readers don’t realize they do not have to have an e-reader, such as the Kindle or Nook, to read e-books. There are other options available, some of them even free.
People tell me all the time they would read one of my e-books, except they don’t have a Kindle or a Nook.
Then I have to explain to them they don’t have to have a Kindle or other dedicated e-reading device to be able to read e-books. There are many ways to read e-books without owning an e-reader.
The easiest way to read e-books is with your PC. That’s right, the very item you are using to read this can also be used to read e-books. And in most cases it’s free (though you still have to pay for any books your want, but some of those are free as well).
How do you read e-books on a PC?
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Kindle Not Only Way to Read E-books | Quazen


Mperience: Seize the Energy of Artistic Content

Mperience: Seize the Energy of Artistic Content


Quote startExperience the immersion in a world of contagious ideas, where you will be able to unveil and seize the creative energy of artistic content that you love.Quote end
(PRWEB) July 12, 2010
How it works.
On Mperience you can easily connect and share in a brand new way movies, tv-series, music, art, and books. Therefore Mperience allows you to blend videos of artistic content with your own words, simply creating short stories called Memes that you can spread to a wide audience by a simple click. Through Memes, Mperience establishes a new form of storytelling with a high level of entertainment.
The project of Mperience platform is based on an innovative Recommender System which extracts themes and emotions expressed in each story, allowing an optimal match between content, products and users profiles. The platform is already able to analyze the Memes compared to more than 100,000 artistic content, including 54,000 movies, 28,000 books and more than 18,000 painters, sculptors, photographers, and architects.
Mperience was founded in December 2009 by Paolo Baronci, Francesco Carusi and Guido Gigante, who share a common passion for art, cinema and computational neuroscience. It took three years to develop the entire Mperience Project.
At the end of February 2010 Mperience received $230k in Angel funding.
Register to Mperience and have a unique entertainment experience.
Mperience: Seize the Energy of Artistic Content


The Curfew

The Curfew is an adventure web-game created by Littleloud, published by Channel 4 and written by acclaimed comic book author, Kieron Gillen.

Set in 2027 in the heart of an authoritarian security state, The Curfew could be described as a miniature Canterbury Tales set in a not-so-distant future, where citizens must abide by government security measures and 'sub citizens' are placed under curfew at night.
The player must navigate this complex political world and engage with the characters they meet along the way to work out who they should trust in order to gain freedom.
Choose wisely and you could change the course of history. Choose poorly, and it'll be changed for you.

The Curfew: Worth Staying In For.
The Curfew