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The Secrets to Writing Fantasy

by Allison Jae

Here are just a few secrets to writing great Fantasy.

Put Old Wine In New Bottles
Storytelling is the art of recycling. Pick an old form and refresh it. Play with it. Unleash your imagination, but stay true to its tradition.

Learn the differences Between archetypes, stereotypes and good characters
Archetypes are the originals from whom the mold was made. Merlin, heroes of Greek myths and the witch in sleeping beauty are archetypes. Stereotypes are shorthand knock-offs, like the crone with the crooked nose who cackles.
Good characters are richer. They may be based on Archetypes, but they lead their own lives, follow their own passions, make mistakes, learn and grow.

More secrets, such as
Use magic, but limit its power!
The Secrets to Writing Fantasy | Writinghood


Will The Internet Become a Sentient Being? Part One | Socyberty

Will The Internet Become a Sentient Being? Part One

by Bill M. Tracer 

The network of computers that is the Internet now grows in its complexity on an hourly basis. In many ways this intricate web of nodes and hubs already greatly resembles a Human neural network. How much longer will it take for the spark of sentience to ignite within this cobbled together artificial brain?
According to the research of Martin Hilbert, and Priscila López the computational power of computer devices as of the year 2007 CE came into what they referred to as “the ballpark area” of the maximum capacity of the nerve impulses as performed by 1 human brain on a per second basis. So far as the total storage capacity of computer systems at that time, they estimated that to be about the same as the amount of data storage necessary to store the entire information equivalent of an adult Human’s DNA. For more details, see:

World’s Total CPU Power: One Human Brain

 How much further have we come since 2007 CE?

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Will The Internet Become a Sentient Being? Part One | Socyberty
Image Source Abstract Image 595 by Bill M. Tracer
Sub-Titled: – Xenous: Mind Within the Machine


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