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If you want to, pretty much any classic computer game can still be played. Now, one of the granddaddy’s of them all is now available on the Mac App Store, feature complete as it was played all of those years ago.
A faithful recreation of the classic, text-mode, space exploration and combat game, Super Trek (Mac App Store, $1.99) will have you warping around the galaxy and fighting for your life.
Features include:
• Same classic game engine underneath
• Retro green screen look
• Streamlined and modern interface
• Easy access to all commands
• Load and save games
For a more up-to-date taste of Trek flavored space combat, try Star Trek D-A-C. And, don’t forget to check out the Fairer Platform’s extensive collection of Star Trek-flavored apps, tips and stuff.
Super Trek: Recreates classic text-mode game | FairerPlatform


1912 Titanic Mystery - Free Game Download

Play 1912 Titanic Mystery - Save the Ship!

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1912 Titanic Mystery

Genre: Hidden Object
Download  1912 Titanic Mystery

Hit New Hidden Object Game
The launch of Titanic II is set to mark the one-hundredth anniversary of the original ship. But a mysterious adversary has hidden a bomb aboard the new ocean liner. You are the sole person who can find out where the bomb is hidden and save the ship and all aboard.
Search for hidden objects in unique locations around the majestic ship, to discover hidden diary entries and other clues to reveal the bomb's location. Along the way you'll interact with different characters to learn little-known secrets of the original Titanic, and solve a century old mystery from that ill-fated voyage.
Editor's Review:
"Seek & find hidden objects in the ill-fated ship." by Spinny

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History repeating itself

1912 Titanic Mystery takes place a few years in the future, 2012 to be specific, during the 100 year anniversary of the tragic sinking of the Titanic. To commemorate the occasion, a replica vessel dubbed the Titanic II has been built. The ship will sail across the Atlantic, hoping to complete the journey that its predecessor began one hundred years ago. The people running the ship have even gone to the trouble of tracking down descendants of the original passengers and inviting them on board.
Don't we teach history class in school in hopes of avoiding situations like this? Isn't the point of studying history to learn from our mistakes so that we won't repeat them? Nevertheless, this is an entertaining premise for a story. If this were happening in real life, I would probably be upset, but in the confines of a computer game, I find myself pretty entertained by it all.

This luxury liner needs better housekeeping

Despite the ship's fancy exterior, the inside is a disorganized and cluttered mess. But I guess that's a good thing when you're dealing with a hidden objects game.
The locations you'll visit on the Titanic II are stuffed to the brim with a variety of objects and shuffling through everything is a lot more fun than it sounds. The different scenes look very impressive and the objects are expertly hidden, so veterans of the hidden objects genre should find a lot to like here.

Uplifting noises

The audio in 1912 Titanic Mystery, both the soundtrack and the sound effects, is a joy to listen to. The music is soothing and very fitting for the game's theme, and the sound effects are lively and cheerful. The noise you hear when you correctly locate something is a very positive "boopity boop" type sound, and while that may sound like a trivial detail, it actually made the game much more enjoyable than most. Too often when playing slower paced games like this I fall into a sort of trance and I just stare at the screen blankly, clicking away. With the encouraging sound effects, I was constantly aware of the fun I was having. The whole experience was very euphoric and you couldn't wipe the smile from my face if you tried.

And the plot thickens

When I first started 1912 Titanic Mystery, I was interested in the story, but I wasn't necessarily engaged. The premise, coupled with the fun gameplay, was enough to get me going. I really didn't know how long my attention would hold until I completed the first scene. After you find all of the items, you're asked to repair a torn piece of paper lying on the bed. I don't want to give anything away, so I'll just say that what was written on that paper got my attention and I was definitely engaged from that point on.
1912 Titanic Mystery is a fun and entertaining hidden objects game with a plot well rooted in factual history. It may be a little silly, but it will have you glued to your seat pretty early on.
Download 1912 Titanic Mystery
1912 Titanic Mystery - Free Game Download


YouTube - Dark Mirror of Magick

On January 3rd, 2001, documentary writer/producer Wayne Darwen brought a professional T.V. news crew into the inner sanctum of The Order of the Temple of Astarte to record a remarkable phenomenon: the summoning of the ancient spirit Vassago. Early in February an edited version of Vassago's mysterious Prophecy was broadcast by the Los Angeles affiliate of a National T.V. Network, confirming that the spirit had predicted a major news event: only 13 days after the ritual had been audio-visually recorded, President Laurent Kabila of the Congo was assassinated!
In this video version we show you the entire operation in sequence, exactly as it happened with no rehearsals and no retakes. Wayne Darwen also interviews the Magister Thabion (Poke Runyon) and the mystic seer Frater Solomon. Their unrehearsed answers to his probing questions leave no doubt as to the philosophical depth and spiritual power of Solomon's ancient Magick even in this modern age.
This is an entirely new and original production. In "The Magick of Solomon" video (also available from amazon) we dramatically reenacted magical rituals for instructive purposes, whereas "Dark Mirror of Magick" is the record of an actual magical operation of historical significance. We believe that this remarkable documentary will be studied and commented on for years to come.
As an additional bonus, this one hour VHS video includes a ten page booklet, "The Vassago Millennium Prophecy", in which the seer and the magician give their impressions of the meaning behind the spirit's cryptic Oracle.
 YouTube - Dark Mirror of Magick