Lecture 3: Beam Us All Up, Mr. Spock!

Who has Scotty beamed up here? Give the guy a quote!

Transcript of Jacky Joe Video titled 

"Beam Us All Up, Mr. Spock" (Lecture 3)

"Dear followers of the Monastic Blue Beam Conspiracy! The question is not to believe or not to believe, the questions is who are the spooks who fed Serge Monast this crazy Blue Beam script, and why did they do that? In 1994, not long before Serge Monast released the Blue Beam Conspiracy, Joel Engel published a book on Gene Roddenberry, The Myth and the Man Behind Star Trek. There was some information in it about a Star Trek feature film script proposal, dating from the mid seventies. The story told of a flying saucer, programmed to send down people who looked like prophets down to Earth. The special guest list included Jesus Christ."

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